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  1. The records over last 30 years or so show mild December and Jan is usually then followed by a mild Feb , relentless persistence of pattern
  2. Yes I'm afraid for cold fans , the Outlook is as poor as possible
  3. Well the stats suggest it has been normal for UK , late eighties , late nineties and several consecutive similar types in New millenium
  4. It's a real shame , sorry that the forecast you made has not worked out
  5. Yes , a very mild run taking us to middle of Jan , very well set Euro High
  6. My parents cannot believe I can be in England in winter and not need to have heating on or coat when I go out
  7. One of the guys on TWO is saying he has never seen such mild ensembles in 20 years , it's a remarkable persistence of pattern , and it seems it happens more and more often .
  8. Thanks snowray , I only looked at the temp numbers and it's clear , that for W Europe and even more so for UK and Ireland , there has been dramatic change since late eighties
  9. Ok , of course +NAO is normal but surely 'default' is not near record breaking , which January could be.
  10. Plenty of snow around in Turkey too , it's such a shame for the UK how things have changed
  11. I think battleground snow would be unlikely because we have such a warm continent - south easterlies would not be cold enough ?
  12. Yes , I would think 16 or 17 is possible for SE. I'm now trying to understand this large teapot theory
  13. Looking at some of the temperatures for last 30 years then , for snow fans , many of these winter's must have been in the realms of the worst
  14. Yes , incredible and the models suggest another very mild period for the mid month so the Jan temp record could come under threat .
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