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  1. Fabulous lightning every few seconds, shooting across the sky. Deep booms of thunder, one rather large crack not long ago.
  2. Overcast, has started to rain here in Dudley... hour ago it was roasting, wall to wall sunshine.
  3. Well the last few days have been a complete bust haven’t they? To be honest I haven’t paid that much attention on the weather the last few months. Last time I posted was May...ish? Dad passed away unexpectedly, had my car stolen, work, work, work...time just gets away for you. I think it was the 2nd week of January before I realised we’d not seen much in the way of wintry weather. I did look so good for us a couple of days ago, amazing how it can change so quickly really.
  4. Snowing moderately here after lots of showers today. Cars, roads, pavements and grass are all covered. 3rd snow event since December now.
  5. Still snowing very lightly here. Off to bed, might go for a walk in the morning
  6. Snow has picked up along with the wind! Pretty epic Winter for Dudley.
  7. Snow still falling. I used to have steps and a wall up to the lawn. lol
  8. This is my back garden right now. Snow drift has over topped the garden wall.
  9. Coming down well here. Everything is covered now; roads, pavements, cars. It's heavier than what we had all day yesterday.
  10. I'm quite happy with what we've had here. Not loads but enough to create some great snow drifts; seeing the wind whip up the snow like it has is something i have not seen in years. And the temperatures of course have been magnificent! Can't have everything, not in this country! Remember the last few years where we would have killed for what we have right now?
  11. Parts of the West Midlands County is now under the Amber Weather Alert according to the Met Office.
  12. Just popped my head out the front door. Roads and pavements are virtually covered. Snow is small but getting quite heavy, lots of drifting in the strong winds. Probably won't be in work tomorrow either by the looks of things.
  13. Been at home all day due to them closing the Day Centre in Penkridge. They've had more snow than i have here. Very light snow on and off throughout the day, has only just started to cover the pavements again. Very windy, lost a fence panel.
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