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  1. incredible temperatures in western Italy today (3rd February). Piedmont: Turin makes history. The previous record high for the city airport was 1.9 °C lower than that reached today (24.8 °C in 1990/02/15; now 26.7). Also Cuneo Levaldigi destroyed the previous monthly record by several degrees (27.0 °C today). Sardinia: 27.0 at Capo Bellavista (official weather station): previous record beaten by more than 2 degrees.
  2. Today (February 3rd) some highest temperature records for the first half of February could be beaten in the western regions of Italy, especially in Piedmont, where many peaks well above 20 °C (and not far from 25 °C, in particular in Cuneo province) are expected.
  3. In Northern Italy (especially Northwestern regions) also the Epiphany of 2009 had a major snowfall (very important event, with 40 cm approximately in Milan and something more in other places). They could have been more, unless the freezing rain (because of the humid and warm "sirocco" that caused a warming till above zero of the air column over the soil, while the lower layers remained below 0 °C or at least around zero) that occurred from the night between January 6th and 7th.
  4. Hi, I'm from Italy. I live in Carbonate, a small village located in Lombardy (northern Italy). With the suggestion of my friend Josh Romano, I signed up some days ago. In the first 23 days, December 2019 has been exceptionally hot in Italy. The two hottest December months in italian climatological history are 2000 and 1915, both with an estimated 1,9 °C above 1981-2010 average national temperature. But the 1-23 December 2019 period results 2,6 °C above the whole month 1981-2010 average! Such a tremendous anomaly... Will December 2019 succeed in beating the December 2000 and 1915 national anomaly? It all depends on the situation in Central and Southern Italy, as ECMWF and GFS operational runs (and ensembles) aren't sure yet about how much HP will cover the peninsula from west to east, and - on the other hand - still show a large spread between different ensemble scenarios, thus indicating that the cold wave now expected to reach Balkans (especially Eastern Balkans) can be west-shifted easily, subsequently creating a quite cold period for Eastern Italy, although even this scenario wouldn't guarantee the 2000 and 1915 maintenance of the first national place. P.S. sorry for my bad English: I'm not an English native speaker.
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