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  1. I didn't think it would be accurate but heh, for it's age, it's not doing bad and still kind of working ! There's a little screw at the back to adjust it and I just found one of those little miniature screwdrive sets that I got out of an Xmas cracker. Result
  2. I've had this little barometer for a good few years now and I'm not sure how accurate it is, but this is what it's currently reading.
  3. Does anyone know if we reached or broke the high pressure record today ?
  4. Jeeze the winds have seriously picked up here all of a sudden. Just after I was driving home thinking that the forecasters had overhyped the severity of it !!
  5. So does this new storm due this afternoon have a name ? It's so still outside at the moment.
  6. It's blowing a hooley here and i just love winter evenings like this ! I'd prefer the real cold and frosts but in it's absence, I'm happy with the strong wind and rain. And I have the low coming in tomorrow afternoon to look forward to as well
  7. Bloody hell. South East weather news has issued a yellow warning alert for heavy rain from Wednesday to Saturday ?
  8. The winds suddenly dropped massively, almost totally disappeared about 15 minutes ago and it's surreal.
  9. I can't believe how windy it is tonight and hardly anyone has mentioned it ?!
  10. Wow what a day ! I still can't believe this storm wasn't named. I work at Ravenside Retail Park in Bexhill and just as my shift was due to start at 3pm, they had to close and evacuate the park and shut down all the stores because one or some of the stores roofs were close to flying off ! The fire brigade were there and it was absolute chaos. I thought it was supposed to quiten down around 5pm but we just had one hell of a downpour here and the winds picked up again. Loving it. Especially as my shift was cut short
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