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  1. I came across this footage from watching the Channel 4 News tonight. Hats off to them for giving it a lot more air time than other news stations. No pun intended. Truly terrifying.
  2. Some reassuring words from Harry Styles on Josh Morgemans Twitter !
  3. Weather Channel now saying winds are at 175mph https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/the-weather-channel.html
  4. He's just got his potential base at some solid concrete homes in the Bahamas.. Does he stream live at all ?
  5. I'm so envious ! I have such respect for him and I'd love to meet him. Hurricane Man was such a good programme and I hope they do a second...
  6. So glad I got to learn about Josh Morgerman this year. I'm going to enjoy following him !!
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