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  1. It's trying to do something here but god knows what. This is truly the worst winter ever for me in so many ways. I guess at least it's not raining because jeeze, have you seen next weeks weather. Aaaaaaghhhh
  2. Looking at two of our wheelie bins in street and wondering where they will end up. I've given up trying to save them.
  3. Thanks Hammer ! When I have to retrieve my wheelie bins from the street more than once, that's my sign that things are getting nasty 😎
  4. It's quiet everywhere ! I think it's because there's so much going on all over the place, everyone is here there and every where on different threads and websites. Like me !
  5. I'm intrigued because I'm a bit of a twitcher and it just doesn't look like a gull to me.. I may be wrong, I'm no expert on the matter but I'd love it if there was anyone out there who may be able to cast some light ?
  6. I love these, thank you for sharing. What is that bird in the second image ????
  7. Thank god it's stopped raining. This is the most miserable and depressing winter ever.
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