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  1. I thought exactly the same thing when I was driving over to Galley Hill from Hastings today
  2. Whats the peak time going to be for the winds on the south coast ?
  3. I wasn't expecting winds to start picking up here until tomorrow early hours tomorrow but it's really getting quite breezy out there
  4. Heh Lightning Lover. I was up Galley Hill this afternoon and you struggled to breathe and speak it was so windy ! Had a whale of a time up there ! I'm trying to upload a video I took.
  5. I just caught the main BBC weather this evening and missed the local South East one. Is it really going to be 60-70mph winds this evening ??
  6. Oh the joy of the unpredictability of the English weather and forecasts xx
  7. I was a bit like that this morning. Only mine was got to get wine and tobacco !
  8. Good evening Lightning Lover ! What's your predictions for down here ?
  9. Thanks for posting that JoeShmoe. That is a video I will never forget watching live and it will be me for ever.
  10. This guy live going through the aftermath.... https://www.severestudios.com/storm-chasers/larry.posey.html
  11. Can I take a breather now as I haven't left the PC for like 4 hours or so !!
  12. Thanks Crimsone. Thanks to everyone for all the links. I can't believe all the amazing coverage of a most historic event. I feel quite emotional I kid you not. Its not good for my blood pressure !
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