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  1. The low pressure over us on Thursday is still very interesting,just a small movement south will bring more of England on to the cold side of the low with snow possibly from Northern England pushing into north midlands. Not impossible,yes it might not happen but there is still a chance.
  2. Thursday low pressure track still uncertain,could be the best chance of snow for England this winter and difference of a few hundred miles will make the difference.
  3. ECM 240hrs looking very interesting looking eastward ,some very cold air also not that warm to our west . perhaps a pincer movement.
  4. Cold zonal outlook looks the form horse with small low disturbances from a polar sauce,could give some white stuff even to the south.Intersting next week coming up best chance this winter for something wintery. a
  5. Major backing off of a cold to very cold northerly blast by GFS 18 z following more an ECM high pressure flattened out over U.K. Still excitement for a short while.
  6. ECM 12z keen to flatten high after a short northerly blast,still on the cold side but not the GFS winter charts. May be a half way house would still be good.
  7. GFS 12z still going for the start of winter over the U.K. some very cold runs showing. will ECM tonight come into line with GFS if so game on,I will prepare the sledge hat and gloves.
  8. More time needed for the charts to get a better angle on placement of high pressure,still a very good chance of a very cold northerlies over the U.K. Should know in a few days.
  9. ECM 12Z continues with pressure rise further north and a cold to very cold north to northeast flow. A bit to far out at the moment to get to excited but if it is still there in 3 or 4 days time possible bulls eye.
  10. High pressure looked to build to the north west in 8 or 9 days a much better chance this time of some cold to very cold weather.Looking this time for pressure to be to the north of us rather than collapsing over U.K. Possible polar vortex split could be a big reason for the high to remain to our north or northeast.
  11. Looks like a re rinse again high pressure building in around 10 days over or around UK after a mild unsettled period to end a very mild January.I suppose the question is that many or most places may not see snow this winter my take is that we most definitely will,perhaps late Feb or March.
  12. GEFS ensembles looking very interesting at 9 days onwards.If correct it will have been a long time since the mean has been below average let alone the -10 c showing as well for a period of 5 days or more,fingers crossed that they are onto something.
  13. ECM showing that the flat orientation of high over England could very easily drag some very cold continental air into the mix.Lot of chopping and changing still to come could be a good time to keep a very sharp eye on precedings.
  14. Still charts looking to build high pressure from south west and return the same way after 10 days or so that of course is still up to change. One thing looks certain dry some frosts fog and single figures for most England looks to be the coldest.
  15. Both ECM and GFS starting pressure rise from our southwest.And both sinking same direction at about 10 days to be followed by north to northwest polar air.Will of course change over the next few days,but still frosty for some time followed by single figures.
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