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  1. The 9 to 10 day breakdown of the high pressure from a vigorous low off the southwest is very much up in the air.ECM keen on milder southerly winds to most but met office not so keen.
  2. A pattern change now look more certain,with a cold high pressure moving ever north or northeast of the U.K. The good news is there could be more dry weather and some sun to boot temperatures may be subdued but a stronger sun will give some warm and pleasant sunshine.A definite bit of good news if it happens the country needs it with all that’s happening.
  3. Looking like Snow for the first time this Winter north of M4 corridor,also March Finally turning drier and the only Month that winter will show its hand.From the floods to ice skating,keep the sledge handy.
  4. Looking ahead into fantasy island high pressure building and looking cold for mid March if you look at the latest Geffs cold is the theme.Can of course change.
  5. After a possible week with snow being seen in many parts of U.K. the GFS looking at the possibility of a Scandinavia high pressure build,well into fantasy island at the moment.But one to watch for middle March and a continuation of winter.
  6. All to play for This Thursday could blanket southern England in it’s first snow of the winter. Key player positioning of low pressure track,should get a better idea in next few days. country file weather just saying the uncertainty at the moment.
  7. With low pressure systems forming to the south of the U.K. and cold air on the northern flank snow much more likely over good parts of England.March coming in with Winter in mind.
  8. Firming up on a cold March,good chance of some white stuff something we in the south have seen nothing of all winter.
  9. Still looking like March could bring winter to the U.K. hints that low pressure heading south ECM does not look that bad,can change more to GFS very quickly.
  10. All eyes on March signs of low pressure digging south,the percentages beginning to favour a cold spring and something not seen all winter a pressure rise to the north of U.K. could be on the cards.
  11. Much colder next week in general according to the charts,some snow possible north and south in the mix. Will March bring spring or Winter could go either way,my guess don’t put your overcoats away.
  12. Looking more likely from the charts on a wintery next week with snow possible not just restricted to the north and high ground.The south may get it’s first sight of the white stuff just when everybody was giving up,never say die.
  13. Zonal continues the theme with little rest,the difference is temperature a colder polar flow with snow a strong possibility in the north.Just in time for March to show how cold and wintery it can be.
  14. The low pressure over us on Thursday is still very interesting,just a small movement south will bring more of England on to the cold side of the low with snow possibly from Northern England pushing into north midlands. Not impossible,yes it might not happen but there is still a chance.
  15. Thursday low pressure track still uncertain,could be the best chance of snow for England this winter and difference of a few hundred miles will make the difference.
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