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  1. Seems the ppn out in the north sea coming out the low countries is beginning to make progress towards the suffolk/essex coast..
  2. Me too, skies are beginning to bruise here in Ipswich. Fingers crossed!
  3. Appears to be something incoming here in Ipswich. Fingers crossed it has some sparkage.
  4. Still think if there's anything to be seen then Skegness may be a good shout. Until then I'm just waiting for the visuals..
  5. Just had a heavy shower in Ipswich, looking at the radar there's bits and pieces of showery rain spewing over from Holland and Belgium. If there is anything electrical later then somewhere around Skegness may be a good shout, would see anything out to sea and closer to home there too.
  6. It might be a bit lumpy but I'd be very surprise if it was cancelled. I've done plenty of north sea crossings on ferries and sailing boats. The ferries these days have stabilisation systems that enable them to more than hold their ground in the sorts of wind predicted this weekend.
  7. People seem to be more obsessed by the warning than the storm itself!
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