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  1. 12.3mm of rain today in Ipswich, certainly came down hard this afternoon.
  2. Becoming increasingly gusty now in Suffolk. Not much in the way of showers and pretty overcast and warm but the wind sure is strong and likely to remain so for the next 4 or 5 hours. Enjoy your Saturday but hold onto your hats!
  3. Yeah they've hit the storm jackpot this past fortnight. Mind you, just took a wee gander at the radar and it looks like there is something incoming about to greet Ipswich
  4. That would be a blessing, its been quite unusual this summer has it not to have had such a high number of humid days. Current models show a much more autumnal feel even if temps are a bit higher, not often do we have a succession of lows modeled to hit us.
  5. Anyone know how long it will take to confirm or rule out the 38.7?
  6. Just got back from Felixstowe, was watching the storm from the pier. Some pretty decent lightning but it must have been between 5 and 15 miles out to sea. Caught some decent cg strikes but all in all I've seen much better. 6/10
  7. On the banks of the river orwell, half way between Ipswich and shotley. Somethings coming....
  8. Well that was pretty epic for more or less the whole country. Wasn't expecting us in Suffolk to get in on the act but a very welcome and pleasant surprise.
  9. Hope that the weather isn't trash and you see some beautiful ones. Dont be lazy and enjoy Saturday night!
  10. Hi guys, whats it like in blighty? Im due to fly in to Stansted Airport at 8.30am?
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