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  1. My folks on the IoW have seen some lightning already, think you are in luck for tonight.
  2. It's ok Southern, truth be told I'm just jealous of what you're in for tonight
  3. As the old saying goes, red sky at night storm chasers delight...
  4. Interesting reading about the gulf stream changes, this paper here may be of further interest to some: https://rmets.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1002/qj.2907 Web results The Gulf Stream influence on wintertime North Atlantic jet variability
  5. Depends whether we get frosts too, high pressure depending on orientation could yield high diurnal ranges so maybe not all bad, although current modelling does show even warmth during the night over the next ten days..
  6. Another good guide is the Weatherquest forward look, our @staplehurst is often presenting. They have a really good ensemble model based look at t+ 1,2,3,4 weeks, called this current spell well too.
  7. Been a good event here maxed out with almost 30cm, surpassed my expectations and brought some cheer to what has otherwise been a testing time. Commiserations to those less fortunate, I know this event has been far less generous in it's distribution so for those still waiting for snow good luck and there's still a few weeks of winter opportunities yet. Forgot to add my ratings....doh Snow 8.5/10 Temperature 7/10
  8. Well a slow thaw set in earlier today where and when the sun broke through. Still a good covering though on the south west facing back garden as the attached picture shows, fifth day of lying snow and bitterly cold now as the sun sets. Been a memorable snow event here but be pleased to feel some warmth from the weekend and begin the next chase.
  9. Hello mate. Yes unfortunately the bloody sun made an appearance for a few hours during the day so it did shave some cm's off. Some cracking icicles though from the melting snow on roof and guttering. Its still an impressive depth though and probably just had a 1-2 cm top up from the last shower. Tomorrow I'm expecting the thaw to set in.
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