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  1. Expecting the models to flip flop around all weekend. So often we see them pick up a certain pattern and run with it for days and days. And then they just drop it, only to revert back in a few days time.

    Not saying we're going to see a cold spell develop, but as a coldie I wouldn't give up hope for the beginning/mid December just yet!

    Just too much flopping around to take anything too seriously right now, whether that be cold or mild.

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  2. Just now, Mike Poole said:

    Fair enough, mate!  Personally I hate Autumn, particularly if it goes on for 6 months and we don’t get a winter, as has been the case in far too many recent years...hope different this year, too early to even guess...we will see...

    I understand how you feel, except for me I hate the summer. So these kind of charts just look great to me after what felt like a never ending spring/summer. 

    But I can agree with you on the winter aspect, really hoping we can break the rut of the last few years and finally see something that at least resembles winter.

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