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  1. GFS 06z OP was a pretty clear mild outlier towards the latter part of the run. Plenty more cooler/colder runs in there.
  2. GFS 850s wise beginning to show a lot more average/cooler runs within the esembles. Obviously too late in the run to take too seriously, but at least we could be seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. The only crumb of comfort this morning is that the GFS op 850s wise was very much on the milder side of the esembles later on.
  4. I understand how you feel, except for me I hate the summer. So these kind of charts just look great to me after what felt like a never ending spring/summer. But I can agree with you on the winter aspect, really hoping we can break the rut of the last few years and finally see something that at least resembles winter.
  5. GFS 00Z op pretty much a warm outlier in terms of 850s thankfully, although the control does follow it closely. Bring on the autumn weather I say, we've had our fair share of warmth and dry weather this September.
  6. Looks like there's pretty solid agreement within the ensembles of a cooldown on the way now!
  7. The GFS 00z op 850s were once again on the warmer side of the pack for the midterm. The majority on the cooler/average side
  8. Think it's fair to say the GFS 12z was a bit of a warm outlier in terms of 850s
  9. Has to be said looks like the 00z op was definitely on the milder side 850s wise longer term. Most ensemble members and mean taking a sharp drop.
  10. gfs still with considerably more colder runs, with the op on the milder side of things
  11. As has been mentioned already, a few runs touching around the -10 850s mark now. The Op was quite a mild outlier in the mid to long term too. Looking like a chilly/cold snap is firming up now.
  12. Huge scatter on the 850s from the 6z. Op very much on the milder side towards the end, not that any of them will be correct.
  13. Still a big scatter 850s wise towards the end of the run.
  14. Heavy snow in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk now. Surprisingly settling on most surfaces too, besides roads.
  15. Unfortunately all of those heavy snow symbols from earlier for tomorrow, have now been replaced by heavy rain ones by the met office. Location near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Looks like it's game over, not that it even started!
  16. No idea if this is what will actually happen tomorrow, but this is what the met office forecast for here just outside Bury St Edmunds Suffolk is showing for tomorrow.
  17. Still something to keep coldies hopes alive just a little longer
  18. Still something to maybe hold interest towards months end on the ensembles.
  19. We always seem to see downgrades from the models over the weekends, only for everything to look more promising (cold wise) come Monday again. It seems to happen every winter!
  20. The 06z is a pretty clear outlier at the end Edinburgh London
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