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  1. Anecdotally the pros I follow on social media aren't saying it's going to flip any time soon, which means I've probably cursed it. I'm sure everyone else sees the same posts that I do...
  2. Just catching up on a lot of excellent posts here after a manic few days at work... It seems the mood has improved along with the outlook since midweek. After a few discouraging runs against the overall pattern, nice to see some cause for optimism this morning. The online chatter amongst the 'professionals' suggest -nao rather than the usual Atlantic mild wet. FYI it seems to be we're stuck in a loop every couple of days about the importance of cold 850s.... Probably less frustrating than the usual GFS bashing for being a terrible model. Makes a nice change. Seemingly the bia
  3. Marco isn't one who ramps so following with interest...
  4. Looks like the jet is going far south towards North Africa on this run in FI
  5. Donnie Darko Bunny has taken up residence... Curious signal towards Greenland amplification, GFS keeps trying... All change tomorrow morning?
  6. Glad to see this has cleared up a lot of confusion for the start of next week.... 🤔 🤷‍♂️
  7. Come on guys no IMBY posts please... * (*in unrelated news abc I'm slap bang in the middle of the 23cm! 😂) As others have mentioned GFS definitely an outlier. Any one got a clue what will happen next week?
  8. Actually destined for South Oxfordshire and I've planned to meet @Mike Pooleto go cross country skiing. I'm at the foot of the Chilterns, last snow here was first week of March, settled for a time. Am I right that the low seems to swirl it around after the first attempt, bringing it back around later? I posted earlier on the twitter thread regarding the emerging 'classic la nina' signal and pattern. Does this promotes Atlantic blocking, even if it doesn't signal guaranteed northerlies and sustained cold?
  9. Don't worry it will move back and forth a few times before the event! 😂 When do the high res models kick in? Ta
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