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  1. Thanks ... Actually you just broke it Map beta BETA.METOFFICE.GOV.UK
  2. Using chrome on android, works here. Try... beta.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/maps-and-charts/enthusiast/#?bbox=%5B%5B-54.1624339680678,-72.07031250000001%5D,%5B85.02070774312594,72.77343750000001%5D%5D&model=ukmo-um17&layer=mean-sea-level-presure&timestep=1585720800000 Add http:// at the front
  3. Apologies if this is the wrong place to share this, or if it has been shared before: t.co / Twitter T.CO "A fantastic new source for accessing UKMO #metoffice global #weather model forecast output as well as EC/GFS data #wind & other variables can also be plotted"
  4. After the last couple of days some warmth would be welcome to wet and cold, but I'm not sure the models have much of a clue beyond a couple of days out. Having said that I bet they all 100% agree with each other this evening - curse of the commentator!
  5. Well that changed quickly just as it looked as if the Icon was on to something. Sneaky!
  6. Goes off on one afterwards, but I presume 120 looked different on the previous run? (looks like it copied the icon's homework )
  7. I know the time scale isn't quite equal, but interesting nevertheless. I'm still the new guy but that looks a lot like a move towards the Icon. Both bring cold from the north into Scotland from Thursday.
  8. UKMO looks colder than ECMWF at 120 hours, but not as much as the ICON.
  9. Anyone know what the GFS ensembles, mean etc are up to? Op seems very consistent.
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