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  1. Infrequent flashes to my east..I bet if it was daytime the cloudscapes would be epic, there’s so many deep contrasts of black hovering over here at the minute
  2. 19.6c here as we approach 9am, sitting under a completely slate grey sky. Hard to feel optimistic.
  3. Forgot whether cloud pic sharing is still allowed in here 😆..but here’s something towering to my south that’s just popped up out of cloudless skies in the last 10 mins
  4. Muggy as, sun in and out..surely just a matter of time, not expecting here I’m just cooking them
  5. ok so not even 10 minutes later and there's now a tower to my north, and dewpoint gone up by almost a degree to 14.8c..
  6. Just hit 29.0c, dewpoints levelled off to 14.0c for now..I feel compelled to say it always impresses me how fast things develop, 20mins ago it was virtually cloudless, 10mins ago there were a few flecky teeny tiny cumulus and now there's lots of them, pretty meaty and starting to block out the sun
  7. A few small cumulus floating about in all directions now, I suppose it's a start considering we've now had hours of nothing but wispy cirrus lol..liking that Torro update
  8. Temp is soaring here 25.6c whilst dp is hovering around 17c, skies slowly becoming less hazy...it feels stormy though, haven't been able to say that in a long while
  9. Skies nice and clear to the south, as soon as we get that surface heating the better, things seem quite ahead of schedule which can only be good?
  10. Lol moovinng onnn cough bust..arome has a decent few hours of reasonably widespread SB activity later on, am certainly looking forward to the cloudscapes if nothing else - generally get some epic ones from this setup, cloudless skies suddenly blocked off by shooting towers, absolutely huge ones, should go totally still and quiet too and with dewpoints modelled to shoot to 18-20c over a largeish swathe, surface temperatures of course high twenties it should offer that proper calm before the storm feel!
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