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  1. Is anybody else getting a feeling in their water that January is going to push the all time 1916 record?
  2. We seem to be in one of those really wet spells at the moment that come along every so often, a bit like when the 1976 drought broke. All rain is heavy, with frequent daily totals over the 10mm mark. Here in Durham, every month since June has been wet. June 129.7mm July 77.7mm August 81.5mm September 81.0mm October 108.1mm November (1st-6th) 38.4mm More rain to come over the next couple of days, perhaps 30-40mm if the forecast is correct.
  3. Basically the insurance industry has established a position that they'll never, ever have to pay out on. Dave
  4. I can vouch for the fact that it wasn't just the south east. Up here on the East Durham Plateau, we got plastered with snow. A good foot of it. Dave
  5. We seem to get so little fog these days. I remember some real pea-soupers as well as freezing fogs with lots of rime, but we just don't seem to get them anymore. Anyone else share that opinion? Maybe it's just down to the area of the country I live. Dave
  6. Hi again, I've had to start a new account as my old one was deleted by Admin (suspected as compromised). I used to be known as 'Durham Weather' here. My posts are all still here, but are now labelled as 'Guest Durham Weather'. I'm in the early stages of recreating my account/settings etc. so if anyone had me as a friend on the old account we'll have to reaquaint ourselves. Dave O'Hara (Durham Weather)
  7. I think the reason most of us don't look forward to winter in the UK is that it very rarely lives up to expectations. if it snows, it usually turns to slushy muck within a few days, and if the winter is mild we just get endless rain and very rarely blue skies and anticyclonic conditions. If winter is to impress, it has to be a proper one.
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