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  1. The 3 victims(and 1 missing person) are not from the ionian islands that got the direct hit from the medicane, but from central greece(Karditsa) where 500mm was measured in the mountains and 200-300mm at the plains due to orographic lift and very slow moving storms.. It was just once in a lifetime event there
  2. Insane amounts of rain in central and southern Greece. Over 200mm in vast areas and even more than 300mm in some places... 3 people are missing and countless homes, roads etc. under water.. One of the most powerful weather systems that have ever been observed in Greece. We have seen in the past summer storms with more than 200mm in isolated areas in 24hrs but I can't remember so vast areas recording that much precipitation. I thing we will see more and more of these weather systems in the future due to the ongoing positive sea temperature anomalies
  3. https://www.kefaloniapress.gr/live-cameras/article/69776/argostoli_live_camera/
  4. Signs of the same pattern? After 88-89 we had a similarly awful 89-90, after 19-20 ?
  5. I think that both 1989 and 1990 had also a record vortex but no cold in March or April...
  6. What an outlier GFS 00z is! Wow! https://www.wetterzentrale.de/en/ens_image.php?geoid=92039&var=201&run=0&date=2020-02-09&model=gfs&member=ENS&bw=1
  7. We also got 3-5cm yesterday night the first snowfall after Christmas. No sign of pattern change thought, I believe that we will smash all records of the mildest winter ever
  8. Our last hopes for this winter go the gfs. Ecm is horrendous
  9. All nine of the country's counties have measured their warmest January ever. Several of the records are broken at the country's oldest measuring stations. Rekordvarm januar i ni fylker WWW.MET.NO Hele ni av landets fylker har målt sin varmeste januar noensinne. Flere av rekordene slås på landets eldste målestasjoner. Many stations also recorded their wettest January ever. So.. will it be warmest WINTER ever? I think we are pretty close, weather models for the first half of February show no signs of change
  10. Oslo airport is 30min inland from the city centre. It is considerably snowier and colder than Oslo City centre. I am waiting for the stats but I am pretty sure this January should be somewhere between 1989 and 1990 regarding temperature. Many areas in the western part of the country broke the January rainfall record. The previous was(guess what..) January 1989! PS. A lot of you compare this winter with 06-07 and 13-14. Actually these winters although generally mild, they were surprisingly among the snowiest of the last 20 years for here! I can only compare this winter with 88-89
  11. Another joke rubbish run from ECMWF. It keeps seeing the same pattern the last 15 days for 216-240 hours and of course is never verifying.
  12. It gets ridiculous. How many times during the past 15 days have we seen the same set up for 240 hours?? I am starting to believe that either we are too unlucky, or there is a systematic bias of models towards that direction
  13. I don't think so. Most winters that it was warm here in dec and jan continued at the same pattern. I have never seen so successful seasonal models as this year and they are pretty bad for the rest of the winter. Some signals must have been so strong this winter, I can't explain how they have seen it so well
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