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  1. Absolutely be a yewtiful charts let's hope they do indeed tickety tick and countdown on the clock and become the dreams we desire
  2. It's not needed Anywhere to be fair. Now, if that was snow 🌨 I'd bite your hand off For a flake....
  3. A very positive post. Thanks but you had to add the bit especially those living in The south (which is a fair old number of Us). It never ceases to amaze me that for an island the size we are, how annoyingly variable it is with its weather..... Scotland gets plastered whereby we miss altogether blah blah blah.... Gfs shows more promise at the end of its run but its FI once again and unlikely to verify.
  4. But sadly southern Britain has been starved to Death of snow
  5. Couldn't be more of a direct hit if it tried.... That's a sign of a lot more wind and rain if ever I saw one
  6. And knowing our luck thats where it will end up
  7. And would this also be just a Scotland and Northern England event snow wise?
  8. Yawns... Again FI which ultimately remains just that... A fantasy sadly
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