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  1. Nailded indeed not... The weather makes. A. Fool. Of us all
  2. Of course not.. Anything you want you seldom get if its interesting or sought after.. Certainly weather wise.. Sad times indeed
  3. Yes, a few rogue flakes in the otherwise rainy mix here in Herne Bay....
  4. How about a single bloody flake... Haven't seen one this sorry excuse of a winter... Bit more snow ?
  5. LOL. At least you are keeping busy!! Bringing joy into people's lives is key to happiness. That's a great thing to offer. What kind of plants do you sell?
  6. That looks like it will form a block to the Atlantic and draw down cold.... Do I see that right,?
  7. Crap outcomes has been the name of the game this winter. And now this bloody virus to deal with after that.....
  8. Yes, but we just have to ride the Corona storm Bud. Would snow and ice be a good thing now though? That's the question....
  9. Me too.. Very much so and overthinking and anxiety is dreadful for me. Take care.
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