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  1. Just out of the worst of it here lasted 30 mins max I would say but still rumbling in the background.
  2. Now jaffa cakesing it down in Lichfield with loud thunder every few seconds.
  3. Yep the cell is reorganizing so defo getiing a deluge just started raining.
  4. The Birmingham cell is definately not going to hit me. But maybe the Leicester cell wil but may be in bed by that point.
  5. Looks like the cell over Birmingham will just miss me but atm will get hit by the little hook at the SE edge.
  6. Seems that any storm that has been heading for me has died just as it hits what rotten luck feel like someone has left the storm shield on.
  7. Well that is one hell of a poorly built building LOL. But Manchester is really getting hit this week.
  8. The Tamworth cell is meant to be over me right now but now rain at all but constant thunder.
  9. Nothing in Lichfield at all today must be in between us or could be the one that has developed over Rugely.
  10. Those car alarms remind me of being at work as soon as we leave port must be some serious wind to cause that to happen.
  11. The Leicester storm is showing a hail core on the radar so resonably intense i guess.
  12. The Manchester storm certainly looks like a big one but am not knowlegable enough to say wheather it could be a supercell, guess its not an MCS?
  13. Cell is developing to my northwest and rapidly developing could be intresting later on.
  14. Was just under that cell. Very short and sharp with only a couple of flashes not very exciting.
  15. Got a cell currently over Lichfield, Staffs with frequent sheet lighting and heavy rain moving NW.
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