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  1. Epping new road is never gritted! The council would rather pay out for accidents than grit.
  2. Met have really mucked up. Hope my neighbours enjoy my patio furniture. It's metal too!!! Thumps and banging...................I hate Winds, since '87............scared me half to death.
  3. Yup. Very much too late. I was not expecting this either.Just outside the zone area. Thank god it's not bin night..........................
  4. A surprising 72mph gusts here. Not been this worried since '87 and 90!!
  5. Snow here briefly, 25 mins ago. still have a light covering on grass and shed. I didn't think it would be cold enough to settle.
  6. I'll be at work then when finished will try to get home, all those Tree's along the route are making me reconsider my way home. Assuming something hasn't hit the Car whilst I am working. Then I get to drive to Leeds in the Morning, returning on Friday when the next storm is due. Merry Christmas everyone.
  7. A Gnome? But that is devastating! Lol. Clearly I am on the wrong side of London as the Wind has been shaking the House for hours.
  8. You really have never heard of him? or the Rifle? The Kalashnikov has been used as a weapon of choice all over the World. Oh well, back to the Weather, there is a bit of it around.
  9. Thanks, luckily I have a Brother in law that can hopefully build a new one! lol. He will pop in on Sat to see the damage.
  10. Any one know how Walton is doing? I have a Hut along there and worried it won't be there in the morning. Thanx in advance.
  11. Well, all hope of a White Christmas is now gone! lol. I do find his forecasts interesting but I wish they were a little more correct.
  12. Well, thats the Planes, Trains and now we await the automobiles! I am off to bed to get enough sleep to try to leave [whats left of] the house in the morning. Night all. Enjoy watching what arrives. But stay safe please.
  13. Of course you can. You have one of the best fish and chip shops in the country. So batter away. Sorry, couldn't help myself. lol
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