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  1. 21.2℃, 63%. Lot of sun today to warm the place, which has been close to steady at just over 20℃ most evenings for the last few weeks. Probably another month or so, assuming unexceptional cold, before the heating gets considered - that's usually when it starts struggling to reach 19℃.
  2. The only time I recall seeing distant lightning was in the late 80s, driving out of Leeds towards the Pennines. The sky was flashing very regularly, but nothing ever came our way - I presume the storms were at least over Manchester way if not further. Being pre-internet and after the 9:30 weather forecast, I had no way of checking what was going on.
  3. Now there's a good idea, and I've got a fence to lash it to. From the first picture, it looks like yours has a diameter around 50mm, is that about right?
  4. Hello all, I've been looking around for a weather station recently, but a more fundamental question seems to be how exactly I can mount the station in the garden. I'm envisioning a two metre metal pole skewered in the lawn, but I'm struggling to find anything that fits the bill. Do any of you have advice on such a set-up, and where to get hold of a pole like this?
  5. Accuweather is pretty good for nowcasting in my experience.
  6. On random though, this is all a bit cheesy to listen to very often.
  7. I'd be very happy with a 1995 analogy - there was a hell of a freeze at the end of December that year.
  8. A very pleasant 22°C here for most of the afternoon. Hopefully a bit fresher tomorrow too.
  9. Looking at my app, it's giving 51% chance of a storm here at 8am tomorrow. Unless it increases to 90%, I won't expect anything, this area's terrible for storms.
  10. Still awaiting a bit of a cold spell. Is this allowed? Otherwise, it'll be the usual vain hope for thunderstorms and heavy rain.
  11. I'm quite the opposite, sad to miss the brief opportunity for cold, sad for warm weather when stuck indoors unable to enjoy it.
  12. Oops, very late! 11.5*C, 72mm please. Penalty due no doubt!
  13. Was quite puzzled reading this thread, wondering how there could have been storms today with the pressure so high (not to mention it being the middle of winter). Then I saw the date...
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