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  1. 21.2℃, 63%. Lot of sun today to warm the place, which has been close to steady at just over 20℃ most evenings for the last few weeks. Probably another month or so, assuming unexceptional cold, before the heating gets considered - that's usually when it starts struggling to reach 19℃.
  2. The only time I recall seeing distant lightning was in the late 80s, driving out of Leeds towards the Pennines. The sky was flashing very regularly, but nothing ever came our way - I presume the storms were at least over Manchester way if not further. Being pre-internet and after the 9:30 weather forecast, I had no way of checking what was going on.
  3. Now there's a good idea, and I've got a fence to lash it to. From the first picture, it looks like yours has a diameter around 50mm, is that about right?
  4. Hello all, I've been looking around for a weather station recently, but a more fundamental question seems to be how exactly I can mount the station in the garden. I'm envisioning a two metre metal pole skewered in the lawn, but I'm struggling to find anything that fits the bill. Do any of you have advice on such a set-up, and where to get hold of a pole like this?
  5. Accuweather is pretty good for nowcasting in my experience.
  6. On random though, this is all a bit cheesy to listen to very often.
  7. I'd be very happy with a 1995 analogy - there was a hell of a freeze at the end of December that year.
  8. A very pleasant 22°C here for most of the afternoon. Hopefully a bit fresher tomorrow too.
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