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  1. Pity I didn't read this before I gobbled two Easter eggs.
  2. I saw a photo from a New York hospital the other day and the three nurses in the picture were using black bin liners as protection. That's the richest country in the world. And the WHO said countries have been planning for this for decades they know what to do. Doesn't really seem like any country in the world was even near prepared.
  3. 4 weeks give or take from contracting coronavirus, developing symptoms, to death. Four weeks ago life was normal As was three weeks ago but coronavirus would have been more widespread then than 4. I would not be surprised to see daily death totals +500 over the near future. Horrible times
  4. That was sky news breakdown. You're only allowed to travel further for food/medicine/work
  5. Ireland in lockdown from midnight Irish premier Leo Varadkar says people may only leave home for food, essential work and brief exercise. No travel permitted more than 2km (1.25 miles) from home for any reason. All public transport restricted to essential workers; all gatherings outside the family are banned, no more hospital visits; shielding will start for over-70s. Mr Varadkar says a health worker was one of Ireland's three new deaths from the virus today. There are 2,121 cases in the country, up from 1,819 yesterday.
  6. Well it doesn't just freeze at that figure now does it. Exponential growth
  7. Our health minister in Ireland had a couple run up to him and cough in his face, laugh and run away. Another health care worker is in isolation because someone who later tester positive for Covid-19 spat at her. We really need the Indian police tactics to deal with people like them
  8. Apparently Barcelona football players are refusing the to take a 70% temporary pay cut. Messi is on 500k per week. What a disgusting shower.
  9. Omg the irony. And they cried foul when nations implemented that against them.
  10. I read a story on an Irish News site last night. An Irish citizen who works as an English teacher in China was returning to China with her partner. They had arranged with the school/local authorities of that province etc to be collected from the airport and were to quarantine for two weeks in their apartment. However the authorities took them straight to a government run hotel to be quarantined. They're locked inside the room(imprisoned) , given three meals per day and have had the same towel since the day they arrived. They're now 10 days in to quarantine and they've been told they've broken Chinese law for isolating together. Truly remarkable the lengths the Chinese go to compared to us in the West where you could willy nilly head anywhere upon arriving.
  11. Sad news British diplomat, 37, dies after contracting coronavirus in Hungary WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK A British diplomat in Hungary has died at the age of 37 after contracting coronavirus. The Foreign Office confirmed the death...
  12. Quite scary Study links cardiac injury among hospitalized Covid-19 patients to greater risk of death From CNN’s Jacqueline Howard and Gina Yu Evidence is emerging that injury to the heart may be a common condition among people hospitalized with Covid-19, according to a new study, and it’s linked to a greater risk of death for those patients. The study, published in the medical journal JAMA Cardiology on Wednesday, found that among a group of 416 adult Covid-19 patients hospitalized in Wuhan, China, 82 patients — 19.7% — had cardiac injury. The death rate was higher among patients with cardiac injury versus those without: 42 of the patients with cardiac injury died — 51.2% — versus 15 of those without cardiac injury, or 4.5%. Cardiac injury, sometimes also referred to as myocardial injury, occurs when there is damage to heart muscle and such damage can occur when blood flow to the heart is reduced —vwhich is what causes a heart attack. Though the study showed cardiac injury is a common condition among patients hospitalized with Covid-19, it did not indicate whether Covid-19 directly causes cardiac injury. The authors state the mechanism of cardiac injury among these patients with Covid-19 remains uncertain, and more evidence is needed to demonstrate Covid-19 directly injures the heart. Another key “is the potentially important long-term issue," said Brooks Gump, the Falk Family Endowed Professor of Public Health at Syracuse University in New York, who was not involved in the study. "Many patients who pull through may still have cardiac injury and associated long-term cardiovascular issues as a consequence of Covid-19 infection."
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