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  1. Yes crazy how cold it has become this month .. Still raining here in Bridlington now ... 13 hours non stop today
  2. Horrendous day in Bridlington with non stop light to moderate rain and very strong easterly winds gusting in excess of 45mph this afternoon. Today could easily have passed as any day in the winter. The previous 5 days have been very poor considering it's May !
  3. A poor showing really i feel by the met office . There should have been some heavy showers by mid to late morning and on into the lunch period .... But barely a light shower and plenty of bright warm conditions ...
  4. Rubbish forecast for today given by bbc yesterday for south east and London. Proving to be a lot warmer and brighter than forecast. 22c at Heathrow currently ...
  5. Depends where you are .... dry as a bone here in London for days .... Bangkok is the place to be for an AWESOME sight !!!! Take whatever we get in this country .... Bangkok is the place to be for FANTASTIC lightning and VERY VERY LOUD thunder and the MOTHER OF ALL STORMS ... i talk from personal experience !!!!
  6. Yes felt this couple of hours ago - although it is expanding now ! Might last an hour or 2 ....
  7. By midnight Sir .... and hopefully about 10-11pm This should all develop and expand within a 2 hour period ...
  8. Well at the moment it's all sliding off to the east and will miss most of London and Central Southern England .... and then there's another cluster bound for the South Midlands and south west England ...
  9. Very close to you but looks like the south east will be a short lived thing generally as the energy moves quickly north .
  10. Nothing happening yet here in London apart from cloud increasing. All the action is hitting East Kent and East Essex right now. Looks like we will have to wait until 10pm for areas further west to join the party ... and it is set to clear by midnight .
  11. A lot of heavy showers now moving into West London and Berkshire .... looks like a rough few hours with frequent downpours and strong winds. Chucking down in Reading now apparantly ...
  12. Yes a lot of rain overnight but the day has been lovely-bright, even sunny at times. However heavy showers moving into West London and Berkshire right now and a howling wind at times !!
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