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  1. I’ve put both away now, spring coats are out and in use. Good looking charts if it was December/January but it’s a little too late to really get me excited now, and it’s FI. All a bit of a non-event really.
  2. ECM certainly looking less cold and dare I say it a welcome introduction to spring. I’m certainly not seeing any return to deep cold conditions in the models now. Plenty of high pressure though to give us some nice dry sunny weather. It’s certainly been a fantastic winter of model watching that’s for sure.
  3. GFS isn’t holding back tonight, goodness me. It’s quite something seeing charts like this, deep deep cold like I haven’t seen in the models for a long time
  4. I’d love to give this a go. Did you use a deep fat fryer or shallow fry?
  5. He’s just commented on his Facebook group about downgrade on the snow opportunity. MetO seems to agree with him. All but vanished from the forecast here in the east
  6. Took a few weeks off because the model watching was becoming tiring and rather disappointing, but returned to some pretty dreadful looking stuff from ECM and still everybody seems to be hanging on to charts showing titbits at +300hrs. Winter 20/21 - the ‘nearly but not quite’ year
  7. I cannot see how anything can be ‘boom’ at that far out.
  8. Nothing more than normal, they disengage at a modest wind speed 👍🏻
  9. Well at least you’re honest! 😂😂
  10. Why has everybody suddenly decided in the last few days that the GFS-P is the favourite model after it barely being talked about this winter, is it because it shows the Synoptics you want to see...? GFS-P might well be more consistent, but is it accurate I think is more the point?
  11. Massive spread in the ECM ensemble data from 4th Jan onwards today, is this just last minute nerves before the start of the show... 🤞🏻 I did mention the shortwaves needed watching as they often cause a collapse at the very last minute, unfortunately my post was removed.
  12. It’s on the fax chart that @That ECM just posted (sorry, was having my dinner!) and it’s also on their animated forecast that popped up on my Facebook feed - if you do Facebook and follow the Meto this might work.. https://fb.watch/2F_dOp8gD9/
  13. METO have are now showing the shortwave taking a similar track as the ECM. Could be an interesting few days moving into NY
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