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  1. What a crazy week, 30cm + still on the ground after an extra 1cm last night and a few beefy showers incoming for dundee this afternoon. Few pics from dundee this week. Madness
  2. Don’t really know what to say, met office would be all over it with a red warning if this was south east England, 31cm outside my house and still falling , most main roads undriveable,
  3. I have no idea what type of weather has to occur for a red warning to be issued
  4. I’m 22 and this is the worst snowfall I’ve ever seen in dundee. 15cm has fallen today
  5. First pic is dundee city centre , second is dundee to Perth dual carriageway, cars are stuck on that road
  6. All bus services suspended and roads being closed off by police. Disaster zone here in dundee I’d say at least 10cm has fallen here today, possibly more
  7. Where is that red warning? Blizzard conditions for the last 2 hours. Worst snow ever seen in dundee 63457690234__B0813025-3506-4BEE-9FF7-53D2B759A99E.MOV
  8. North fife , Perth away to get plastered I think too, still very intense showers coming in for here and Lothians etc
  9. 3/4cm in an hour been under this blob for just over an hour, could there potentially be a short term red warning? Conditions merit one imo 63457357618__E8B63E96-298A-44C9-9754-E01C656A0A8A.MOV
  10. biblical stuff here, 2cm on a path that was cleared 10 mins ago. Proper snowstorm lasted 45 mins and still looks to continue for a few hours , 22cm snow depth here. Should be red warnings
  11. Here’s the current view under that massive yellow blob, seems it will last for a while
  12. Glad you Edinburgh guys are finally getting a break!!! Should catch at least a couple of beefy showers this afternoon
  13. Snowstorm in dundee just now, no idea what accumulation is now, potentially 20+cm
  14. As we speak dundee is moved into amber warning area, should have been done yesterday evening/ night.
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