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  1. That would be my logic too, but the 15:50 METAR is still 38 so I don't think Cambridge is going to beat the record sadly
  2. Could Cambridge airport be used as an official station for a record breaking temperature?
  3. awww ? i'm going to be mashing F5 soon then to see if we have a 39 at Cambridge Doubt it though
  4. Garden is now up to 39 - by no means official but highest it's been all day so potential for more warming and the record going
  5. I am by no means an expert but I think we can keep hoping for another hour - after 16:00 not likely
  6. Yes very light and only lasted a few mins All evaporated now though
  7. Sun is back out in force now, my PWS is back up to 37 from 35 when we had the rain
  8. The airport is 37 according to the METAR but should update in 5-10mins
  9. I am in Eaton Socon near the water tower. Mind you I'm back down to 36 now (plus my weather station has issues with the humidity sensor)
  10. My PWS is down to 36 https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/IEATONSO2 ? fingers crossed somewhere further east breaks the record
  11. 37 degrees and light rain in St Neots - feels very tropical Sky looks a bit clearer to the SW too
  12. The cloud is very slow moving but still registering 38 in my garden I'm keeping an eye on Cambridge airport METAR as it could be the one to break the record (I guess its an official site?)
  13. No its my home office - only a portable one but still 40kg so have got to carry it up to the bedroom later which will not be fun in this heat. Garden weather station is reporting 38 which is the highest I've ever known it. It always over reads a bit in sunny weather so I'm hopeful it'll nudge 40
  14. Me and the cat are nice and cool in an air conditioned office ? need to get some work done at some point...
  15. Cambridge airport has just hit 37... exciting afternoon ahead
  16. Long time lurker, first time poster ? I'm in St Neots too and it is hot hot hot ?? The weather station in my garden is reporting 36, closest official is Bedford
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