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  1. Urgh, there's the huge cell to my West that is going nuts. And there is a decent cell to the East going nuts. And Bradford, as usual, is in between the two and it doesn't look like we'll get a direct hit from either of them. Am I going to have to make do with hearing the distant thunder of other peoples storms? Is there hope things could pick up this evening?
  2. Lots of rumbles from the cell to the NW of Bradford right now. Haven't seen any lightning but the detectors are picking up a few. Desperately hoping that cell to the South of Leeds hits me head on, and doesn't veer East at the last minute! I am without car at the moment, so have chosen the wine and cake at my window option of Storm viewing for today. Its so unfair to not be driving at a time when the roads are relatively quiet and a great storm is so close and yet so far!
  3. A small but intense slow moving 'cell' north of Bradford at the moment. Humidity through the roof and rain was pretty intense (and fun to walk through) but no lightning yet. Could produce one or two strikes I would have thought.
  4. This is a bit of a long shot, but the Campo Colorado chase (see profile pic) wasn't just the best chase of my life. It was the best day of my life! Am kinda hoping that someone on here happened to be on that chase too, as would love to chat and babble and just talk about old times with someone who was actually there too. For anyone who cares, this is the video from my / our chase.
  5. Bradford has some decent looking cu at the moment, and there are two very nice looking cells between Bradford and Doncaster. Theres no sign of lightning yet, but they certainly look primed to kick off soon. Is anyone on them?
  6. Small but perfectly formed storm just passed over Bradford. Several forked lightning, some decent thunder, and even a vaguely wall cloudish feature. Consider me sated ?
  7. p.s. If your response includes the phrase 'Theta W' you're gonna have to explain what that is!
  8. Im not exactly a forecaster, but looking at the storm, precip and CAPE charts - it looks like a whole bunch of rain and not a lot else for Bradford tomorrow. I can't see too much to jump up and down about- The charts are all just real 'messy'. Can you see what it is that is making the BBC and Netweather forecast storms for Bradford? What should I be looking at?
  9. The cell near Bradford flew past. Saw lots of lightning, barely heard any thunder at all. Most of the lightning was just distant flashes, but there was one beautiful 'horseshoe' cloud to cloud that definitely made it worth staying up for. The copper chopper literally had a birds eye view the storm. Jealous!
  10. Five lightning, and some barely discernible thunder here - from the cell West of Bradford. Going to sit in the garden for a bit ?
  11. Im keeping an eye on that one. It looks like its organising itself pretty well, and Im really hoping it doesn't fizzle the second it hits the Pennines like most cells do!
  12. Thanks Joggs. I kinda suspected that would be the case... Not for any scientific reason, but because the storms on Tuesday night were so amazing and we just aint lucky enough to be treated to great storms twice in a year - let alone twice in a week!
  13. Im in Bratfud looking North - its got very murky and hazy in the distance but the only cell I can see is on radar - Selby (ish) way. I so hope we get something decent tonight!
  14. Hi all, Just popping in to introduce myself. Loved storms since the 'great hurricane' of '87 when I was a wee lass and utterly enthralled by what I witnessed. Went on my first chase in April 2007 in America with Tempest Tours, and loved it so much I booked a second tour for 5 weeks after I got home. Chased for about six weeks a year in the USA for the next few years, culminating with my one and only hurricane chase (Irene) in 2011. That was one helluva experience! Since then my entire life has nose dived and Ive not been able to chase in America since then. I didn't even pick up my camera for
  15. I am car-less too. Will be sat in Bradford forced to face North and hope for the best. There are some intense blips over Yorkshire on the GFS charts for 6pm-ish, and I would love to be chasing. Will make do with a G+T and my fingers crossed.
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