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  1. Would be great if they didn’t acted on it glad to see the botanic gardens did it though! But proves even more how hot the area to the SW and W of Cambs was on Thursday.
  2. I just wonder if the met office might listen or perhaps do some form of investigating in the area to the W and SW of Cambs if pushed enough?
  3. And I’m taking my 37.9c here near Haverhill. Although it appears Cavendish which is 7 miles or so to my East got to 35.6c....
  4. Suspect it’s strengthening purely because of the new cells on its western edge and not the whole system.
  5. The one E of Cambs has produced several flashes of lighting and a few rumbles of thunder already as seen from my bedroom window.
  6. Look at these beauties all firing up thanks to a decaying MCS. 3 good ones there, but can count 4/5 individual cells going off.
  7. Think we could almost say the cap has broken in this part of the world
  8. Numerous cells firing up all around London and the Essex coast by the looks of things. And have a rather NW looking motion to them.
  9. The cell near Halstead just produced a strike of lighting and then a rumble of thunder.... there’s still some energy left yet!
  10. Anyone looked at the IR satellite for the bay of biscay/west coast of France. Seems there could some development/almost an MCS forming but not sure if it’s too little, too late to impact the UK with the cold front edging east.
  11. Just done a bit of digging: Brooms Barn to the East of Cambs, Camb Niab to the SE of Cambs, Cambridge botanical gardens, and then Bedford. But doesn’t appear to be anything in between!!! cambridge botanical gardens is a manual weather station, so we wait to hear from that site perhaps? EDIT: reached 36.1c here today.
  12. For some reason, I seem to recall Camborne (Cambs) as one site the met office are happy with but I could be wrong.
  13. It’s worth looking at the 15 min intervals for Cambridge between 15:00 and 16:30.... I suspect the 38.1c will be raised if the Met Office dig deeper on the weather station.
  14. What are people’s views of the Met Office’s WOW website? Someone has submitted a 42.1c for St Ives this afternoon and another submission of 38.9 for Kingsway, Duxford.... the heat was definitely just to the west of Cambridge between the A505 and the A14 across to the A1.
  15. Not sure what the exact value was, but Met Office shows Northolt was 38c at 16:00 And interestingly has just been removed... perhaps the MO are verifying it as we speak?
  16. Where would you advise buying British standard max/min bulbs? Online or best to avoid? Many thanks.
  17. Down to 37c with a lot More high cloud coming in to play and restricting temps... watch out Cambs, they’re coming east towards you so 38c maybe the high there. Despite all the cloud and shower events this afternoon, it looks like Heathrow is on track to get very close to the record now.
  18. I’m sitting at 37.2c after falling to 37.1c... here’s hoping for one last push but think it’s a big ask now. Yes my thoughts are turning towards this evening too!
  19. Temps on a downward spiral here now despite the sun full blasting it’s rays. 37.4c so it’s either Cambs or possibly Cavendish.
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