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  1. There were reports earlier of the Mississippi flowing backwards/reversing it's course due to the storm surge + wind, and well... all that water has to go somewhere unfortunately.
  2. Despite the eye still being clearly defined on radar, it's just full of cloud. No stadium effect to be seen.
  3. Boooo ☹ Signal went down just as he was about to enter the eye itself. How much you want to bet that it'll magically come back just as the eye passes, yet the footage will be all over the news tomorrow...
  4. Back up again, It'll be going up and down like a yoyo as the eye wall passes over. It's kinda difficult for a signal to penetrate what is essentially a small airborne sea of water
  5. o_O I turn away for 20 mins and all the water has vanished from the little camera! Where the heck did all that water go!
  6. Found a bit off footage before the eyewall, entire elevated Front porch has definitely been ripped off and maybe the right side of the building too...
  7. Is that a life jacket stuck to it? Fluorescent orange plasticly looking material with a black strap (not counting the seeweed) Also the building on the right appears to be half missing during the few frames where it clears up for a sec, that or the entire things been pushed and twisted around o_O
  8. The Little cam that could is back up (moving out of the inner eyewall now) so signals getting through again
  9. Watching Jokko Williams stream (same site as the little cam that could), he's directly in the path of the eye, and he just had a report that the Mississippi is flowing backwards o_O He also just said that he's recording 200mph gusts and156mph sustained at his location. He also just had a completely soaked guy come up to his car (with his dogs) asking where the entrance to the building they are parked outside of... Pick Stormchaser map for the map with all the stream icons on Live Storm Chasing, Watch Storm Chasers in Real Time! WWW.SEVERESTUDIOS.COM Experience live storm chasing & watch top storm chasers stream dashboard video of tornados and extreme weather as it happens. Compatible with Android & iOS.
  10. It came back up again for about 17 secs before cutting out, I think it's just the NE Eye wall interfering with the signal. T_T
  11. I'm wondering if they are using something akin to what they put into the path of a tornado, Whatever it's attracted to/inside of, has to be heavy and plated.
  12. According to a quick search, between 18 and 30 foot, but also there's a news article (2019) in the scientific american about how the new ones have been sinking due to ground subsidence. Which would make them vulnerable within 4 years time... For some reason I doubt they would have had a cat4 verging on a cat5 in mind when writing it up... After a $14-Billion Upgrade, New Orleans' Levees Are Sinking WWW.SCIENTIFICAMERICAN.COM Sea-level rise and ground subsidence will render the flood barriers inadequate in just four years
  13. Anvil progression update (It's disappearing behind the side of the house now though T_T )
  14. Got this amazing beauty to my south, looks to be the cell over Stone.
  15. Loads of rain this morning and only stopped about an hour ago, yet everywhere looks bone dry now, Sun is really strong (could see the shed roof steaming for about 10mins once the sun came out). Hoping all that evaporation will be enough to fuel some afternoon/evening storms development here.
  16. Just had a Bowling alley pass just to the south again T_T (got clipped by the edge and had about 2 mins of rain ). None-stop rumbling for about 10/15 mins, No visible strikes from it, but the cell just a bit further to my south (towards or just past Newcastle) produced 2 (possibly +)cg strikes, nice solid near vertical non flickering bolts that were loud even at my distance from them.
  17. Still haven't had a single drop of rain where I am since the heatwave began. Got my fingers crossed for today though. (p.s. the radar is a lie , shows me under the blue stuff but it's just a bit misty, like a heavy muggy haze. )
  18. It's so nice now \o/ Temps around 22C lovely cool breeze coming through the window every couple mins, this is MY kind of summer weather.
  19. @MattStoke You having fun down there? Only from the radar it looks like the storm jumped to it's right and is now directly on top of you, ya lucky sod.
  20. I just wish it wasn't so muggy along with the heat. Got up to 31.3c round where I live. I will welcome the end of this with open arms!
  21. Same, can smell the petrichor on the air, and can hear very faint distant rumble. Passed by me now though, So close and yet so far.
  22. Wish it was like that where I am still 20C here at midnight with no wind what so ever, Feels like I'm working in front of the oven's at Morrisons again but without the ability to move away from them. /urgh...
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