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  1. Amazing Sunset tonight, looked like the entire Western horizon was ablaze! The glow stretched at least 2/3rds the way round the horizon. Looked fantastic!
  2. Ryukai


    Amazing Sunset, looked like the entire Western horizon was on fire
  3. Sleeting now (at least I think it is, difficult to tell with these cruddy 'led' lampposts we have here now )
  4. Just started to hear spits and spots of rain hitting the windows, sounds icy but too dark to see now . Had to nip out and pick up the bins a few times today too.
  5. Was hailing here just, as a little storm came over. About 5mm in size, only lasted a couple mins at the start before changing to rain.
  6. Was sleeting in Hanley yesterday evening about 3:40ish, was waiting for a bus in the station when a kid started screaming about it snowing looked out the windows but it was just sleet, the wet flakes were easily visible though. Lasted about 5 mins, so not much, but it was the first of this winter for us, as far as I know.
  7. UK weather forecast: 100-day storm to batter Britain until 2020 in washout - Daily Star WWW.DAILYSTAR.CO.UK The warning comes as the storm threatens to become the first named one of the... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA Can't Breath.... It's so FUNNY..... xD xD xD Considering how dreary it's been lately thought I'd link this to give people a good Laugh xD xD
  8. Nipped to the loo about 3'ish' am and there was frost on the car roof's, could even see a swirl pattern on top of mine glittering in the streetlight
  9. Strange, the radar isn't showing any rain where I live, but it's absolutely piddling it down with that nasty fine stuff that absolutely soaks you to the bone :s I'm guessing it's too fine for it to be picked up????
  10. Looks like it's speed north. Still tipping it down and can hear what sounds like the occasional hailstone pinging off of the window too.
  11. Holy... Just had the hell scared out of me by a massive crack of thunder. Absolutely tipping it down !!!
  12. I know, but I just like tracking/keeping an eye on things, like storms, volcanoes, earthquakes etc
  13. I've never been able to find their website no matter the depths of Google I dig down into. Whenever I do a search for them it just comes up with dodgy 'news' websites, random peoples blogposts, youtube vids of people showing them etc. Also all ones I've always seen all cut the UK off and concentrate on America Only as they stop tracking them as soon as they leave America So I was wondering if theres an English site somewhere that continues to track/model/forecast what's left of them that's available to the public.
  14. Are there any models/tracks that show where the remnants are going to go once it get's to our neck of the woods? Or is it still to far out to say?
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