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  1. There's quite a stormy looking cloud over me right now and looks like the popcorn showers are beginning to show up, fingers crossed for another thunderous day 🤞 . Look to be traveling in a more SW to NE direction so here's hoping a nice conveyer sets up over Wellington for me 😛 .
  2. My Bet's on it being an Eta Aquariids 😛 we're past the peak now, but the shower lasts until almost the end of May.
  3. Got some nice loud claps going on here, and can see the occasional slight 'flicker' in the clouds, main part looks like it's going to miss us and slide by just to the East over the Moor's.
  4. Some nice loud claps of Thunder going on here, looks like it's just clipping us and going to pass by to the East, but seeing the odd cloud 'flicker'. 😄
  5. Thought is was supposed to be sunny today, Skies overhead are looking very 'expectant' so to speak. Clouds have that fuzzy orange/grey, not moving, building directly overhead, pre T-Storm appearance??? It's also gone exceptionally quite, no Birds singing whatsoever.
  6. Polystyrene ball shower here, funs! 😄 May just clip @MattStoke
  7. Nothing here now, back edge has probably creeped further north.
  8. How's this for being right on the edge of a snowfall event, Looking towards Smallthorn/Bradeley in the distance, almost Zero snow on the ground. 😞 Looking towards Chell in the distance, full covering on the ground. 😛
  9. Beginning to slow now, and it's already starting to melt from roof's, even though it hasn't stopped. (It's just not coming down fast enough to beat the melting speed. 😞 ) Still, Fun whilst it lasted 😄
  10. NEVER! It's Mine! ALL MINE!!!!! Loving how this blob of cloud is stuck over us, it's like the very first event we had at the start of winter. 😄 😛
  11. In the few minuets it took me to take this photo and upload, it's beginning to stick to the roof's now. It's also coming down even harder! 😄 😄 😄 EDIT: 2 mins later and it's started to stick to pavement/roads/hedges. 😄 This is a good last gasp. 😄
  12. Snow is really beginning to come down hard now, even started to stick to the car's despite them being sopping wet from the previous sleety rain. ⛄
  13. Sleet that turns to snow, that turns back to sleet, that turns back to snow, that turns back to sleet... etc etc (You get the idea 😛 ) Winters last gasp, I'm guessing.
  14. I gave the car a quick wash down a couple days ago, It now looks like it's been driven though a sandstorm. 😓 Guessing all the precipitation cleared all that Sahara dust out of the air...
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