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  1. Looks like it's speed north. Still tipping it down and can hear what sounds like the occasional hailstone pinging off of the window too.
  2. Holy... Just had the hell scared out of me by a massive crack of thunder. Absolutely tipping it down !!!
  3. I know, but I just like tracking/keeping an eye on things, like storms, volcanoes, earthquakes etc
  4. I've never been able to find their website no matter the depths of Google I dig down into. Whenever I do a search for them it just comes up with dodgy 'news' websites, random peoples blogposts, youtube vids of people showing them etc. Also all ones I've always seen all cut the UK off and concentrate on America Only as they stop tracking them as soon as they leave America So I was wondering if theres an English site somewhere that continues to track/model/forecast what's left of them that's available to the public.
  5. Are there any models/tracks that show where the remnants are going to go once it get's to our neck of the woods? Or is it still to far out to say?
  6. Wow! I've heard on weather programs that it sounds like a bowling ally, and that REALLY does! Used to work in a shop next to a 'Megabowl' the back of the ally's (where the machines were) shared a wall with our storage area, and that's exactly what it sounded like after closing for the night and you could hear the noise from next door clear as day
  7. I hope the stuff coming into Wales right now gives us over here in the west something nice. It's so, SO muggy right now, the small bit of rain that came over about 3/4ish o'clock just seemed to make things worse. Stepped outside thinking it would be a nice little cooldown, to find I had apparently walked into a sauna in which someone had just tipped a bucket of water over the hot coals >< It's more like drowning in kettle steam than breathing air outside atm
  8. Similar to what's showing up for where I live but with possible lightning between 2pm and 7 pm
  9. Wow that storm over Wales is HUGE! I can see the very top of it just poking over the horizon from where I live! o_0 That is one REALLY tall storm
  10. I see more on the radar forming over Wales now, and see quite a bit of Virga to my SE (not showing on the radar though) *crosses fingers*
  11. The only water that's going to fall where I am, are my tears ;_; Passed by me completely, any hope of anything more building to the west, or is that it for the day?
  12. Looks like it from the radar, It's just spitting where I am now, but the front of it was torrential, the gutters looked like streams after just 5 mins
  13. Nice little cell has popped up and is moving straight at me weird thing is, if I was just going from the cloud movement, (rather than the radar,) I'd swear It was going to pass us, as the clouds are moving towards the WNW whilst the radar shows the storm moving NNE'wards
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