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  1. Every time I check the Netweather 10day forecast, every single day is completely different from the previous time I checked it. I blame the algorithms, they are probably that used to the odd random 'strikes' over the UK being false that they just completely ignore them when they do happen for real
  2. Can see some towers to the SSW of me on the horizon (too low down and far away for my crappy cam to pick up) and the very tops are either completely sheathed in Pileus or it's trying to form an anvil... (maybe both )
  3. Here have a pic of some evaporating rubbish Even the tiny small clouds are trying
  4. Amazing View of the massive cloud train that's building up (when it moves to the moors 2 & moors 3 positions) on this Cam. The Winking Man | Webcam WWW.WINKINGMAN.CO.UK Please ask for permission to post images from this webcam/website COPYRIGHT © 2015 THE WINKING MAN, UPPER HULME. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Please don’t constantly view the camera...
  5. Right ol' little line of Cells have popped up, stretching from Leeds all the way down to Gloucester.
  6. In regards of the Surge, it's now going to be coming in at the same time as High tide. The Charleston Harbour gauge is showing a predicted 8" peak.
  7. Looking at the NHC's newest forecast it's predicted to up itself to a Cat 1 just before making landfall just north of Charleston around 1am BST (8pm EST). Couple of Webcams I've found if anyone's interested. Cam is over-looking the salt marshlands at Charleston. They are only about 2"ASL and the surge is predicted to be about 2" - 4" so as long as their power holds for the cam, we may see the surge come through later tonight. And a Cam from the Dead Dog Saloon (on the harbours edge), about 70 miles further up the coast (currently they are getting it storm ready by clearing away tables/chairs etc) Dead Dog Saloon Stage Live Webcam, South Carolina WWW.WEBCAMTAXI.COM Live Webcam Streaming of Dead Dog Saloon restaurant and bar, on this cam you can get a glimpse of what’s going on, Murrells Inlet, SC, USA
  8. Some right little showers popping up (there's a rough line from north of Manchester curving down to Swansea) Big fat drops of rain too.
  9. Radar's showing rain here, unfortunately, it's not I can see some Virga, but it's evaporating about 1/4th of the way down (cloud base is REALLY high!). Still stupidly hot (30c) despite the thick cloud cover (got up to about 34c'ish')
  10. The large cell that just passed over me, looks like it's going to become very interesting, very soon (though considering how low it is, and the fact it's heading towards the moors, the elevation change might kill it off ). Appears to be trying to form a shelf/wall thing, low raggedy well defined front edge sucking up scuds, with the upwards curve behind it. Got quite windy within a few seconds of the leading edge passing over. No rain despite what it is showing on the radar (?maybe picking up the really REALLY low scuddy edge?) Ridiculously fast moving, went from horizon to horizon in less that 10 mins.
  11. Suns out here in Stoke now. It almost looks like the eye of a hurricane outside, blue skies above whilst being completely surrounded by massive towering Cumulus, along with some very high, blindingly bright, icy/smooth almost lenticular looking patches of cloud (some of which have the towers beginning to poke their heads through
  12. Just had the life scared out of me ( and the cat too) by a massive CG bolt, had to have been a positive one just by the shear noise!
  13. Looks like there's another line attempting to form just to the north. Lighting showing on the radar from those too.
  14. And now I've got what looks like a nuclear bomb cloud heading towards me, fingers crossed it'll do something nice
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