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  1. Enjoyed watching them videos from Amsterdam. Starts off quite strong EF0-EF1... That's a guess!? But actually I think they use the T scale?? ?
  2. Awesome too hear all your storm stories so far ?. Just had a few rumbles off to the West pushing NNW.
  3. I'm teaching myself how to read skew t soundings, weather charts etc! It's looking interesting just West of Swansea atm ?
  4. Be interesting to see that footage if you can dig it out? ? Yea the sound is repeating over in my head. It was insane! I've been search pootube ? , for similar close CG+ strike sound footage.
  5. I wanted to get some. But phone memory is full and camera is poop on iPhone 5s ?
  6. Wow! That's some dangerous stuff ?. I love storms, but get really paranoid about lightning strikes and even hate watching too close to windows. This was something else this morning... I know how dangerous CG+ is and this was dangerously close, say 100ft. The second 2 were even closer to even think about. I thought someone's house had blew up! That sound was freakily loud and the thunder was also insane with that storm. Glad your friend survived too! ? Storm on!
  7. @SP1986 @SarahWxm @Dangerous55019 Well I nearly shat the bed ?. I was just enjoying hearing the storm roll in over Hawarden, as I was trying to get some sleep. So I decided to have a peek out of the window, some lovely lightning moving in. Gave it a little bit and lay down, peaked up out the window and all hell broke loose about 100ft up the road. Was a massive CG+ strike, that sounded like a bomb exploded. I literally seen it arc over the back over by a neighbours house ?. I thought right "ok, air is dry it's a one off"! Hell I was wrong! This was followed by 2 more CG+ lightning explosions each getting closer! I even started panicking as I screamed out "this is too close"! There's my little story of this morning ?. Maybe some more stormage later... Fingers crossed!?
  8. Hey everyone! ? My name is Cy, 35 from North Wales (Hawarden). I've had a love of weather since I was younger... I remember back in the late 80's early 90's when the sky's were blue and had proper summers, winters etc! I've followed severe weather on and off for over 30 years, but manly started following and watching live streams of storm chasers over in the states over the past 15'ish years. Would love to go storm chasing there as I LOVE Tornados. Hate being outside when it's lightening tho, as I seem to attract it. I remember when growing up, I used to get static charged, hair used to stand on end when a storm was close. Just like what happened on Tues 25/07/2019! It just started thundering with no rain, really dry/ humid. So I sat on the step warerily (as I know I hate lightening). Saying to myself "I bet it strikes right by me". Low and behold 20 -30 secs later... Massive low C2C right above me... I felt the heat and heard the buzz charge. The cloud base was low as it was, but it sort of left the base and jumped over... Was a BIG NOPE! To close too me and dangerously dry! ? New pants pleases... I'm pretty good at judging the weather and understanding the process of how storms from etc.. I just want to be able to read models, data, soundings and do my own forecasts etc! Hard to understand it on your own though! ? . So any help would be great!? ? There's a bit about me anyway ?
  9. It's looking promising for NW Wales and later further North travelling up to Scotland! Here in Hawarden has, 63% later moving up over 77% chance of storms. Considering last Tuesday was only 43%, and we had one hell of a storm... I'm really hopeful, for Tuesday! I just wish I could read weather charts properly, the raw data, sounding etc and plot my own forecasts! ?
  10. I use windy.com in conjunction with radar for looking for webcams. Was watching some awesome webcams yesterday of lightning over in Europe, some good stuff going over that way today too! ?
  11. Cells firing off around there now SSE in the sea and that cell over Cardiff ?
  12. I've been watching this form. I also noticed the rain band going NW and Them cells are going SSE ?
  13. @Nick Wall I'd say they a moving NNE ever so slightly so you'd get them I'd think!? ?
  14. Just been in the garden and recorded the flashes from over 70 miles away on them cells NNE of Manchester by Braford. I'm in Hawarden ?
  15. Sky is clear here! But can see the boundary of clouds to my West. Shame I have an obstruct view and at a lower level! ?
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