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  1. Not much confidence for next week's outcome from the Met Office either in the 10 day trend, indicating a fine balance between a LP ending up in Iceland, or over Northern England.
  2. Could this be the build-up to the annual July plume event? Later in the run certainly looks that way. Way out in fantasy land, but right in the time of year they're most likely going by years of late
  3. This year has got some serious catching up to do to avoid being the worst year in my memory for thundery activity. People further north will laugh at that statement, but I'm not exaggerating in the slightest about just how poor it's been down here.
  4. Knew this thread would be fun today ? unlike the weather!
  5. Me! While some might do, I'm not counting the two instances mentioned in my signature as 'experiencing' a thunderstorm.
  6. Certainly a disappointing set of models at the moment. Nothing but Atlantic winds, low pressures moving up past or over Scotland, and weak ridging down here. Should be some fairly reasonable days for England and Wales, but all in all, total borefest weather for the foreseeable.
  7. Not holding out too much hope! It sounds like hyperbole, but I can't remember a worse period for thunderstorms than summer 2018 (spring that year was good) up until now. Luckily I had a trip to Tornado Alley in the middle of that period to help keep me sane!
  8. Just been for a lovely long walk in the North Wessex downs, and actually really enjoyed the weather despite getting a couple of soakings. Not many people will be enjoying this weather at high summer, but it kind of makes you feel alive again after the oppressiveness (particularly at night) of last week. It's a nice refreshing mix of powerful sunshine, showers and a strong breeze, and you've still got the bonus of the 9.20pm sunsets, so it's not all that bad right now to me, all in all.
  9. Agreed, I've more than had my fill of the sultry nights this week
  10. Those aren't storms I'm afraid, it's the first band of showers coming into the south west tonight and sweeping across the whole south. Could be a rumble or two, but not talking imports or anything like that
  11. That ripeness is about to vanish going by the fact it did just that here about an hour ago. A lovely fresh breeze now in place along with low, messy cumulus scooting along the sky. Definitely in the Atlantic airflow now.
  12. On the other side of that here, been some nice skyscapes going past, enough to be the best part of this pathetic plume! Lovely cool breeze now, got all the windows wide open to try and get it into the house while it lasts! Need some sleep tonight!
  13. Nice AcCas here too. It looks more interesting than the skies before the 'plume'. Weird
  14. Can see the distant towers to the north of here, but to the south there's a small but nicely towered patch of AcCas. That alone looks more convective than anything I saw yesterday!
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