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  1. It's certainly a worrying trend. The last plume I remember that wasn't just a Kent Clipper was the July '19 one, which initially looked like a south west event, but plenty of us saw storms. Surely we can't go two summers without seeing that style of plume?
  2. So in other words you observed a storm coming towards you before its rain core got to you, which is a bit different to tonight. Look at the radar over the north Midlands right now. That's light frontal rainfall and you don't get lightning from it, the cloud just isn't deep enough. Nothing on the lightning detectors either.
  3. Must've been someone's wheelie bin or something, you don't get thunder with drizzle.
  4. I'd settle for one of the isolated, small storms drifting in from the channel late on that Dan mentions as a small possibility! That'd actually work quite well for photos! Not sure what Estofex are smoking - anything severe this evening is ending up in Belgium and we all know it!
  5. Interesting that the UKV gets less and less interested in any storms tomorrow night with each run. The opposite of Wednesday when it massively over-egged the potential away from the far south east.
  6. What do you mean? Today's all going to 'plan' as far as the forecasts and models are concerned.
  7. Nothing to get excited about tomorrow night on the latest UKV, unless you're in Benelux (as per)
  8. Models all over the shop too for tomorrow night in terms of timing and areas affected. After Wednesday I'm finding it hard to know which of them to trust.
  9. Glad it's not just me that's still getting only the 12z UKV by the way! What could be causing the delay? M/O super computer broken? 😂
  10. What cell crossing the channel? It's just a big messy area of rain.
  11. They're dying off and breaking apart, not that they were up to much in the first place.
  12. I note some models have shown a split for Saturday night, with one lot of storms/heavy rain heading for the SW, and another being, you guessed it: a Kent Clipper!
  13. As I mentioned in the convective thread last night, I don't go out of my way to criticise the Met Office as I generally like and appreciate what they do, but yesterday's thunderstorm warning for everywhere from east Cornwall up to Durham, for some storms that barely grazed the far south east, was a total farce!
  14. Fair enough. I just went for 'MCS' as it was a large area of precip. with multiple thundery cores on its east side 😄 Either way, it certainly seemed to eat up a lot of the available energy last night, leaving a few scraps for some small cells that followed in its path.
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