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  1. I think I've found the answer. I bought my W8686 on 18th June. It's now 30th. This straddles the Summer Solstice when the Sun rise/set times show the smallest variation each day. Hence little change. Should have bought it in March or Sept at the Equinoxes! ?
  2. Thanks for your help. I have changed it to what you have suggested. Of course, the Sun rise/set times have now changed slightly as would be expected. The proof of the pudding will be if they change over a few days or not. I will post here on the outcome. Thanks again.
  3. I entered the exact lat/lon as displayed on the setup screen shot photo shown. 52.0000 North and 1.0000 West. The sun has still not changed its rise and set times on the main display.
  4. Thanks for reply. I've had it 2 weeks. Yes I have entered my Lat/long correctly. I shall wait and see if it changes. I saw your weather station website. Very impressive. 10 miles from mine ! You even have UK earthquake reports. I have a vertical and a horizontal home built seismometer I am in process of setting up, using Dataq software to record.
  5. I am new to weather stations and have bought a WS8686. Every thing is working fine except for one thing. On the display, bottom left, the Sun elevation is shown together with Sunrise and Sunset times. My times never change day by day. The only way they are altered is if I modify my Lat/long settings. Surely they should show different times each day? Any thoughts, anybody, please? Albert.
  6. Is anyone listening and watching VLF whistlers on a Real Time FFT Audio Spectrum Analyzer ? It's called Natural Radio. Using a vertical whip aerial or such and an audio amplifier with a notch filter at 50/60 Hertz to suppress mains hum.
  7. I know a lady of 80 who has never smoked in her life, nor was she brought up in a smoky home. Yet, she has Asthma and COPD too. I believe it is quite rare to get COPD without smoking though.
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