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  1. not sure if it was the Warwick cell but i saw pileus on a tower, cell to my east around oxford growing pretty quick aswell.
  2. fair few big ish towers about, i think they are hitting the cap which i presume is shown from the close cirrus.
  3. tower to my north could be one to watch. edit: id almost say its broken the cap but i don't think it will have.
  4. Time lapse Time lapse IMGUR.COM Post with 1 views. Time lapse Think you can see the bham anvil spreading on it.
  5. inb4 record breaking supercell cuz 2020. doubt it will be but nothing would surprise me, tis popping off on lightning maps.
  6. that cell is going up fast to the north east ish of me, might get a good timelapse for once.
  7. looks like could be storms developing north of me, lot of cumulus developing now with a bit more vertical extent, fairly high tho.
  8. 31c here which i think was about needed if that cap was to be broken but dewpoint has dropped to 17c...
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