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  1. Feels so weird seeing that eye so close to us, I feel like a full on tropical cyclone hitting the British Isles must be possible at this point. (excluding Debbie and faith as there's uncertainty to their tropical status)
  2. View to my south(pics ultra wide phone camera, clouds look smaller in the pic)
  3. sferics just nnw of cirencester according to lightingmaps, could be false strikes though.
  4. I'd almost say this storm appears to have some rotation but I'm not too sure and can't take a time-lapse
  5. OK was about to get a bit annoyed at the witney stormshield and call it a bust when suddenly thunder resumes in the distance and not long later a fairly loud few. Don't want to get my hopes up too much however.
  6. Some amazing clouds north of me looked like cumulus congestus and some cuminloninbus to me. Pics taken about 20 mins ago and they deffo were still growing before clouds blocked them. Edit: 3rd picture of very dark clouds taken just now
  7. Looks like some towers to me, (pic taken in Witney roughly Oxford direction) Not sure whether it has sufficient time but the sun is out as well so could have have some surface heating at play. Edit: pics were taken at 2x zoom, looked much bigger in person also have definitely grown since the pictures.
  8. Very heavy rain, caught off guard by lightning very bright and I had thought the storm wasn't electric anymore.
  9. Well as much as I enjoy sleeping (especially when not very well) I think I may stay up a bit longer because I'll be kicking myself I miss a storm lol. Are there any apps that could wake me up if a storms close by? Edit: gone to other side of my house and can see flashes
  10. Really hoping we get something here, would be an awesome opportunity for a time lapse.
  11. almost certainly can hear thunder now from the system near fairford unless a false strike on lightning maps and a noise coincided.
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