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  1. Bright orange sunrise this morning as I walked to work. Feeling pleasantly mild.
  2. A dry pleasant sunny morning here in Macc. The radar looks uneventful too, for now.
  3. Had a google, they are filming a BBC drama called Everything I Know About Love.
  4. This is developing just NE of Poynton, it looks a bit messy, but there's a straight vertical side and looks like it's trying to anvil out.
  5. Crosby, I hope you don't regret moving. Must say, way in the distance to my NW there are towers going up quite rapidly.
  6. Heavy downpour number 2 here in Macclesfield. Had nothing electrical yet. My radio is now picking up more sferics than what are appearing on lightning maps.
  7. Had a really heavy down pour, nothing electrical. The garden is extremely grateful though.
  8. Cloudy and 19°C, just had a few drops of rain, but that was it. Garden in need of some rain. @Dexter glad all is well.
  9. At last! If I had some party poppers, I would pop the whole bag for you, yay, celebrate.
  10. This is coming in from the SW and filling the sky, sign of instability now.
  11. Blackpool airport doing well on netweather chart at 29°C. Manchester metar taf at 27°C. Macc local weather station at 26°C. Skies are turning milky making the sun hazy, so doubtful my local temp will go much higher, notable breeze too at the moment. Still, it's a stunning day.
  12. Glad your mum and auntie are having a great visit, I find it hard to share cake, I'd have licked it all first so nobody would want any. It's almost midnight and local weather station current reading is 20°C, Manchester airport metar taf is 21°C, certainly a muggy one.
  13. Just arrived home after a spur of the moment afternoon by the sea, what a perfect day for it. Lovely and sunny whilst filling your lungs with the sea air. Warm enough for the new outdoor splash pool to be open and in use. Just perfect.
  14. Are you doing your firepit paella for your mum and auntie?
  15. Where abouts are you in our glorious county? Think I'm in the better side, it's been beautifully sunny all morning here in Macc. Tis certainly better and warmer than previous grey, dull days we've had.
  16. Bit of a dull grey start till about 2pm, pleasant and sunny now. Our region doing well in todays netweather temperature chart, Keswick and Blackpool airport at 21°C topping the chart with Prestwick airport, Manchester airport and Crosby at 20°C, all four in the top ten at the moment. Local weather station near me recording 19°C. Being a thunder lover myself, I'm in agreement with the lack of a decent storm this year. Seen a few distant flashes and heard a few rumbles on different occasions, had an almighty thunderclap end of July, so loud my cats hair and whiskas nearly fell out, good job I wasn't drinking a coffee, that would have ended up coating the ceiling.
  17. After a dull, damp, drizzly morning and 15°C at 3:30pm. This evening in my bit of the NW is lovely and sunny and a current temp of 17°C, been so many times when the evenings have been far brighter than during the day. Been a good summer for me, umpteen useable pleasant days, loved the high temps in July but cursed them too, found it quite difficult for a good few nights to sleep.
  18. Wow, how old is he now? Should be Tom Jones at Jurassic Park, not Haydock Park, LOL. I shouldn't mock, he has far more energy than I, you'll have a great night.
  19. Programme on tonight, if you have not already seen it. 4seven at 9pm. Summer of Wild Weather, 'Summer 2021 has seen record-breaking temperatures, wildfires, torrential rain and fatal floods. What is causing such extreme weather?..........' Missed it during the week.
  20. It's lovely this morning. Cool start at 5.50, 8°C. Suns now shining bright with bits of fair weather cloud dotted about, current temp 14°C, this feels much warmer in the Sun. A good fine August day for what ever you have planned, enjoy.
  21. Hopefully she is negative again and you get to spend some time with her, where about in Somerset are you off to?
  22. Rain cleared the Sidari cam. Some cracking CGs at the moment.
  23. Beautiful day here Macclesfield at 19°C. It feels warmer, best day of the week here so far. Blackpool airport has sneaked into todays netweather top temps chart at 21°C , at the moment. Lovely day for fish and chips by the sea.
  24. After a sunless day yesterday, the sun is trying to break through the clouds at the moment. Scotland dominated yesterday's netweather top 20 for max temps.
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