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  1. Absolutely incredible, lightning still flashing followed by reasonably loud thunder as it exits NE, @The PIT it's over to you. Must try and sleep, up at 6 for work, and in the words of the great Chris Kamara ' unbelievable' jeff.
  2. I'm at a vantage point and have been here for a good hour, an amazing light show, cell just coming to the west of town. Strobe lightning, orange crawlers it's fantastic , not felt any convective wind yet. There's an eerie stillness at the moment, lightning getting brighter and thunder more audible than rolling booms. Got a go I'm missing it.
  3. I'm awkwardly half hanging out of my bedroom window watching the orange and white flashes from the cell near knutsford, saw just the one cg. Lovely low deep distant booms heard, been rumbling on for a little while.
  4. Lots of flashes to the west of town, I'm off out in the car to a vantage point, orange purple and pink flashes seen.
  5. Radio picking up quite a few sferics from the activity in Wales now, however the radio is far more active than what is appearing on lightning maps.
  6. Clear skies here a little while ago, ACas overhead and can just make out the build up behind it. Looks like it will skirt west of Macclesfield.
  7. Skies very quiet around Macclesfield at the moment, there's still the potential for storms to push up from the south of the region, keeping my eye on any development Stoke on Trent area. Saw this network of cirrus earlier.
  8. Unstable skies with signs of convection this morning, this is looking east, but cumulus are growing in all directions.
  9. Yes, I hope the reservoir doesn't get overwhelmed and Whaley stays safe. If that latest ukv run comes into fruition we are in for a stonker. I'll be radar and sky watching as soon as l finish work mid afternoon.
  10. Absolute cloudless sky in all directions, garden thermometer which has been in the shade all morning is 28°. Sadly I'm off to work in half an hour till 7p.m. Enjoy your day, it's summer for a few more hours.
  11. @Paul Sherman mentioned earlier it looks good for these areas, l didn't think it would look this good. Hope it holds off till mid afternoon after I've finished work.
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