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  1. Rained on and off during the night, temp 11° at the moment, such a stark difference to this time last week. Quite foggy/misty on the tops, over the cat and fiddle road.
  2. Heard the loudest crack of thunder ever in my life, scared the lenticulars out of me. Someone screamed outside. This is the cell it came from along with a 3 bright silver CGs. About an hour ago.
  3. Bright silver CGs from this, heading Whaley/Chapel on le frith. Wow still shaking from the loudest crack of thunder ever.
  4. Just heard the loudest bang of thunder ever in my life, absolutely scared the lenticulars out of me. Couple of screams outside. Well I never.
  5. On a quick break at work. This west of Macclesfield looks like it could spark any time.
  6. This is the cell right now west of Macc. Over Cheshire. Producing heavy rain.
  7. Yeh...can't believe nothing electrical came from that cell. Few sferics NE Buxton. Just heavy rain here it bashed all the petals off my roses.
  8. Really heavy downpour now, gusty too, making it feel more of a squall. Can't believe there is nothing electrical yet, strong smell of petrichor though. It's really dark out west. Dark mass out Poynton and Stockport way. Sferic east of Chapel en le frith as I type.
  9. Heavy rain and gusts from the cell above Macc. Quite squally. Nice smell of petrichor but no electrics. Become quite a downpour now.
  10. Going quite dull west and south of Macc. My radio is picking up more than just the sferics N of Manchester.
  11. Had a slight shower this am, all dried up now. Total cloud cover at the moment, so cant tell visually what's happening above. Need this cloud to break for insolation to play a part. Sferics west of Chester, radio picking up the activity. Hmm it's a nowcast.
  12. Me too, stood at the back door 15 mins now, not seen anything, looking SE.
  13. LOL that's it now you've cursed 2022. I've thought about window shutters instead of curtains, tiles instead of carpets, then I would spend winter moaning my house was too cold. AC unit the better option, shop wisely for your unit, I hear some can be quite noisy.
  14. Quite right there, I'm in a cottage, mid terrace, in town. Only have 4 windows in total to open, daughters bedroom window is outsized for her small room and she's south facing, how she's managed to sleep is beyond me. I was enjoying the high temps until sleep deprivation and lack of energy set in. Thought that days on end at 28°plus would be my ideal summer, I was wrong, I need the cooler nights more. High temps fine in short bursts, how does everyone else feel? Could you have done another week or two like the one we have just had?
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