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  1. Been a few strikes between north majorca and menorca, did you see any distant action?
  2. I love lamppost watching. Waiting and waiting for the first snowflake to drift into the illuminated glow when there's a threat of a snow shower.
  3. Not one drop of rain to my knowledge here in Macc. I did observe huge cumulus moving east most of the morning. Granada Reports mentioned that the pennines had thunder and lightning. It's been quite a pleasant day here today.
  4. Thunder and lightning earlier today in the Pennines, its just been mentioned on Granada Reports. I'm not surprised as mid morning there was huge cumulus continually travelling eastwards from my location, some good insolation too as the ground quickly dried up this morning and I could hear mine and the neighbours upvc frames expanding. Some interesting convective skies earlier looking towards Manchester.
  5. I'm probably being a bit impatient, but is there any feed back from Torro yet?
  6. Great lightning activity on Hvar you tube live cam at the moment, with sound.
  7. Temp this morning at 5:45 was 3°. The sky was clear and Orions Belt was bright and clearly visible. To think some of us was still wearing shorts a little over a week ago, this morning I was in need of my gloves. At the moment the sky is beautifully clear and my tablet app is at 8°. No doubt this will fall lower before dawn. Lovely nippy autumnal night.
  8. Tablet app temp at 5:45 this morning 3°. Sky clear, Orions Belt beautifully visible. Breath condensing in the chilly air.
  9. Just got home from dropping daughter off at Manchester Airport. Anyone remember when it was called Ringway Airport? Torrential/heavy rain all the way there and no traffic hold ups on the A555 link road at Wilmslow, unlike the end of July when it flooded at Stockport. Tablet app temp is 13° and rainfall is steady at the moment.
  10. Always enjoy your time lapses. Can I ask what direction the camera.is.pointing? Thanks.
  11. Yes, still warm enough for shorts, tablet temp app peaked at 16° yesterday, however it did feel warmer than that. This morning its reading 14°, with steady rainfall at the moment. So it's a hood up, head down walk to work in a few mins.
  12. Sorry Allseasons I didn't notice an orange glow. All firing up over Pag now, there's a few whatsup cams for here.
  13. Some great CG's on Skylines Umag beach view at the moment.
  14. Pleased for you mate, I managed to catch a couple of flashes on a Bozava web cam on Dugi Otok earlier, not a brilliant cam though. I'll be tracking those storms that have fired up around Istria and appear to be moving south. Good luck for later.
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