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  1. A beautiful evening following a beautiful day. According to my tablet temperature app it peaked at 17°. Hardly a breeze earlier, the clouds looked almost static, washing on the line not doing much wafting either. I agree that September weather is quite unremarkable, but today has been absolutely lovely.
  2. The storm has moved north of here, tried looking for webcams in the Javea area.
  3. Storms and extreme weather never ceases to fascinate us all, unfortunately it's not without its risks. The death toll has now risen to 5, intense storms hit this region again in the early hours. https://www.alicante.com>news.
  4. Huge storm, constant lightning and the rain is something else. Best cam I managed to find is the Skyline webcams Beach of Albir, still some lightning visible on the Benidorm cams too.
  5. Majorca seems to be the one to watch at the moment, the Algerian cell not affecting Ibiza or Formentera.
  6. Thinderstorms? Is that what you call them now your chances are very slim. Ha ha.
  7. What a difference half an hour makes, beautiful clear blue sky, not a cloud to be seen. Still a little foggy over the hills in the Buxton direction.
  8. Much cooler start to the day, 14°C according to my weather app, it certainly feels like it. Currently overcast and foggy, no doubt the sun will break this down and temps will improve.
  9. Take your umbrella and keep yourself comfortable in the heat, it could double up as your 'air guitar' too.
  10. Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh, what a beautiful day, I've got a wonderful feeling, I'm going to soak up some rays! The sun lounger is calling. Highs of 24°C possibly 26°C, hope you all enjoy the day too.
  11. I'm not surprised, what needs to happen for this to become official?
  12. Having a good holiday then? I once caught crabs in Barmouth.
  13. This morning I walked to work at 6.30am, in semi-darkness, during a heavy downpour, wearing my thick winter coat and it felt like bonfire night was just around the corner. I arrived at work (Tesco) absolutely sodden and cold to see the xmas family grab bags of Roses, Quality Street chocolates on sale, it felt like xmas was.just around the corner. Currently it's a whopping 15C, a very pleasant evening and the sun is out and reassuring me that I haven't slept through the rest of August and the whole of Sept and Oct!.
  14. Had some great rumbles of thunder 10 mins ago. Daughter just got back from Cheadle Hulme and they had been without power for an hour. It's gone dark again here, eerily quiet, oppressive feeling, is there more to come.
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