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  1. Evening all, sorry not been online for a while, new job got me on the road a while to sort some stuff out. Absolutely dreadful few days, wet windy and just general muck, but I take it the colder weather is set to return. Hope everyone is doing well, and ready for some festivities. Some white stuff wouldn't go amiss.
  2. Morning all, very humid this morning and the sun now starting to poke through. Not a lot of rain overnight.
  3. Where did Spring go? Got a friend heading to Wick later this morning, what's it like Pitlochery north?
  4. Seriously heavy hail\rain on here, skies very dark.
  5. Just left home for work and a few small flakes falling in with the icy rain, and very cold in the breeze.
  6. All melted after a covering this morning, was fun for an hour or so.
  7. Belting down, 50p size flakes, garden covered within minutes.
  8. Another glorious looking day after a frosty start. This time last year we were winding up the Beast in preparation for the Red snaw warning on the 1st March.
  9. I missed Bawbag as was in Forth Valley Royal with the missus and the arrival of number 4. 3rd Jan was scary, the house I thought was moving almost like a mini earthquake, kids were terrified. I am going to miss this one as well, as heading to Worcester in the morning for the weekend, her indoors has tickets to Boyz something at NEC. (PS I am not attending merely the chauffeur ?)
  10. Well that lasted all of an hour. Cold pish the rest of the day, which meant we had to head into the shops, rather than play in SNAW, costing me a small fortune. ?
  11. The SNAW has started falling. Settling on frozen ground.
  12. Nothing here since early evenings dusting. Just been to East Kilbride, where there is a couple of inches.
  13. Unexpected but it is snowing, everything white.
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