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  1. What a month April was, warm, dry and sunny. May, wet cold and I have covid...., and due to my isolating starting when my son tested positive I am on day 13 of 20!!! Back to wester, snaw in Forres....
  2. Had about 20 showers all lasting about 30 seconds, next lot of clouds looks a little more promising.
  3. Snaw blowing about here in Bannockburn, very gusty but not settling.
  4. Beautiful cold crisp afternoon, clouds starting to roll in, I wonder if laden with snaw.
  5. Beautiful blue sky and strong sun rapidly melting the overnight covering.
  6. Now thats a surprise. Was expecting it to be cold, but a nice covering seems to have appeared overnight. Such a quick turnaround, was on the BBQ Sarutrday night.
  7. Reports of snow up the Brightons in Falkirk. Just left office in Bannockburn to a heavy sleet shower, and it's biting cold in that wind.
  8. Little bit of slush on car windscreen this morning, and Ochils look white on top as well.
  9. Lightning detector showing Coatbridge. Foul day here with sleet on my way home from Bannockburn around 6pm. Several hail showers during the day.
  10. Last 2 days Pish!!! Grey damp during day, howling and lashing doon at night.
  11. Been a damp grey few days in Gateshead, now on way home and some blue sky appearing in Berwick on route home. Very cold in the breeze in Berwick.
  12. Stunning cold crisp morning with wall to wall blue sky.
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