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  1. Morning all, very humid this morning and the sun now starting to poke through. Not a lot of rain overnight.
  2. Where did Spring go? Got a friend heading to Wick later this morning, what's it like Pitlochery north?
  3. Seriously heavy hail\rain on here, skies very dark.
  4. Just left home for work and a few small flakes falling in with the icy rain, and very cold in the breeze.
  5. All melted after a covering this morning, was fun for an hour or so.
  6. Belting down, 50p size flakes, garden covered within minutes.
  7. Grey wet guff, after a nice frosty start.
  8. Another glorious looking day after a frosty start. This time last year we were winding up the Beast in preparation for the Red snaw warning on the 1st March.
  9. After a frosty start, very sunny and pleasant
  10. I missed Bawbag as was in Forth Valley Royal with the missus and the arrival of number 4. 3rd Jan was scary, the house I thought was moving almost like a mini earthquake, kids were terrified. I am going to miss this one as well, as heading to Worcester in the morning for the weekend, her indoors has tickets to Boyz something at NEC. (PS I am not attending merely the chauffeur )
  11. Well that lasted all of an hour. Cold pish the rest of the day, which meant we had to head into the shops, rather than play in SNAW, costing me a small fortune.
  12. The SNAW has started falling. Settling on frozen ground.
  13. Nothing here since early evenings dusting. Just been to East Kilbride, where there is a couple of inches.
  14. Unexpected but it is snowing, everything white.
  15. -8C on the car heading into the office this morning
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