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  1. That was awesome 2nd best vid I took in Newcastle the other was slightly to long. video-1564953026.mp4
  2. Sitting placed nicely here in Newcastle, Noticed a few rapid developing cells just north of Bradford, See you lot soon
  3. Very heavy rain in (Wallsend) Newcastle, No lightning as of yet, Hoping that lot of the coast of Scarborough moves west slightly.
  4. Lightning south of Newcastle and distant rumbles, Cell around Middlesborough has exploded..
  5. Hello, My first ever post. Ha Obviously new to this but I love reading the comments and learning things like CAPE, Anvils and Cap ect. I have also googled them to give me a better understanding of how storms develop. May I ask if anyone knows whether the warm front of the east coast has started to move west and if so will this still produce lightning or just heavy rain. Many thanks.
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