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  1. Certainly looking more stormy looking south from my house fingers crossed!
  2. Winds picking up already here think this storms gone under the radar a little too much.
  3. Will be glad when this winds gone been awful couple of days very strange May weather.
  4. Yes lightning mixed in just missed the flashes on video ! Was way mental to film a good shot from inside a window. Impressive storm that.
  5. 151.6mm of rain so far this month what everyone else on plus more today!
  6. Heavy sleet here in a strong gusty wind never ending story for this Month.
  7. Currently on 119.6mm of rain fall this month be interesting to see the totals come end of the week.
  8. Sadly heading east in next half hour to work so will be missing the day light covering! Temperatures at 0.5c here.
  9. Wild night here and heavy rain certainly worse than storm Dennis!
  10. Just looking out of the window and you can see Emley moor from my house it’s pitch black so wouldn’t be surprised !
  11. On and off heavy rain here winds starting to ramp up now ! Not going to be such a nice day watching the ⚽️
  12. Least it’s on a Sunday a blessing really it’s torrential Rain here and very gusty winds about 30mph -40mph at the moment!
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