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    Love Snow

  2. No rain here but can hear thunder in the near distance to the south of me ⛈
  3. Awful day here in Leeds upto 94.5mm of rain so far this Month.
  4. Nothing at all I live about 3 miles away we have had a few snow flurries but that’s it.
  5. Luckily been working today but in north Leeds not much happening around here apart from a heavy burst of snow every hour! Home now to Morley hopefully catch some heavy longer showers as the evening goes on
  6. Bbc weather earlier said more showers into west going into the evening
  7. Yeah fingers crossed on a positive note least it won’t effect the vaccine roll out this morning
  8. Just watching bbc weather and looked better for West Yorkshire this afternoon like Scott said.
  9. Nothing here so far sadly just a few flakes blowing in the wind.
  10. Thanks looking better than fingers crossed for everyone should be fun and games on here tomorrow. edit TODAY not tomorrow I need sleep
  11. How’s it looking for West Yorkshire Scott bbc and met seem to have upgraded the snow chances now from 2am onwards for most of the day now ?
  12. Bbc jumped on late for Leeds and now showing heavy snow showers tomorrow after showing it mostly dry for most of day. Noticed it updated in last hour. Bit of hope for West Yorkshire.
  13. just short of 80mm of rain so far this month 7 days in for Leeds
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