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  1. The storms that were around before sundown besides the MCS over the SE; were mostly surface based driven storms/ systems. Although models and charts can be a good tool, they are not 100% reliable which is my point. So when people declare something to be a dud, before an event is even over is silly to me. That was my original point from my statement not criticising people for their use of models/ data/ charts etc. I'm not sitting here claiming I'm an expert, although people shouldn't put some much faith in forecasts and predicitions only to let themselves down when a storm or whatever othe
  2. That's a forecast, a forecast isn't a guarantee. Storms like Snow can be very hard to predict, so they use a wider-general area for forecasts, as it's possible that storms could have developed/ affected your neck of the woods. You never know, there's still plenty of energy in the atmosphere for more storms to develop. Especially Elevated storms.
  3. For your information, I was not stating that the set-up tonight is the same as Tuesday Night's, so don't put words in my mouth. I was essentially saying, since you missed the point. Despite the fact models and data may show a certain set-up, like I mentioned on Tuesday evening, doesn't actually mean anything. Storms are fickle, the set-up may show certain areas being more prone, however, like we saw with Tuesday evening's storms. They iniated further East than the models predicted. That's my point, there is always uncertainity regardless of what the set-up is/ projections for storm d
  4. Uh it's 21:30... Most storms on Tuesday night did not explode into life until after 11pm. Calling something a bust without any real evidence for it, is... well kinda off. To put it nicely. People were calling Tuesday Night a bust, early, then it roared into being lighting up the whole of the South of England. So hold your horses. For a bit.
  5. Wow. So many towers going up to the SE of London. Also it looks like a massive cluster of storms or even an MCS is moving in from Northern France.
  6. A lot of convection now over the Greater London area. Nice little cell over N London producing CC Lightning with the odd CG strike.
  7. Looks like tonight is gonna be another cracker! The strobe lightning on Tuesday Night was wild. The atmosphere seems particularly unstable, so I'm looking forward to some quite spectacular lightning later on this evening!
  8. Absolutely nuts lightning. One close CG strike just 200m away from me. The thunder was deafening/ scary setting car alarms off but it was awesome! (NW London)
  9. New cell moving towards the London Area looks like it'll put on a good show. Can't wait! I am hungry for a good thunderstorm.
  10. New cells popping up ahead of the Portsmouth imports. Awesome, and they're electrified. I have work tomorrow but duck it... can't miss this one.
  11. On radar it seems like the Portsmouth cells have merged into a Multi-Cell Storm, perhaps developing into the forbidden word a Supercell? It does seem pretty lively, reminds me on the May 2017 thunderstorms over London, crazy non-stop lightning.
  12. Even though I live in NW London, I can actually see the Lightning Flashes from the Portsmouth storm... Wow. That thing seems to be popping off a few flashes every second.
  13. Looks beautiful! I hope it is a MCS... Then we can expect some truly spectacular light shows tonight!
  14. Even more cells firing up in the Channel... tonight looks good for us in the SE/ London areas.
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