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  1. Seeing some absolutely beautiful convection today. No doubt the Kent 2020 forcefield will be on force but not even mad today. It's amazing how fast these big old marshmallows can grow
  2. Update no 2, cell has passed and our site manager is currently trying to prize the gate open with a crowbar. Will see if I can grab a pic of the damage on my way out at 5. That's if I can get out lol
  3. Update, the lighting hit the gate to our site 20 meters from where I was standing. That was a close one. Gate now won't open, hoping I'm not stuck here tonight lol
  4. Sorry, forgot to mention that due to the excitement. Just outside of Sevenoaks
  5. Holy c**p lightning just struck no more than a few hundred meters from my office, whilst I was looking out of the open window. My ears are now ringing. This is the Zeus' revenge for me complaining all summer about the lack of storms in Kent
  6. I think this might finally be Kent's day. Temperature has shot up to the high 20s, it's dripping humidity and we've got plenty of convection.
  7. This is getting flipping ridiculous now. This morning's storm took a break as it went over Kent and fired up again in Essex. This one is taking a route around us. The forcefield is well and truly up
  8. Pleeeeeeeese make it across the channel and let Kent finally have a piece of the action
  9. I am, slept through the only decent storm to pass through here this morning ?
  10. Thought we were gonna miss out in Kent today but right on cue, out of absolutely nowhere, we've got some beautiful instability
  11. We had a 10 minute deluge in Gravesend, garden was bone dry again within an hour
  12. Bloody typical, I wait weeks for a decent storm, the one day I don't bother looking and decide to start sorting the garden out and all hell breaks breaks loose ?
  13. I was just thinking the same thing, there's a few clouds materialised out of nowhere in the south East
  14. Yeehaa it's firing up now, getting windy, gonna come right overhead
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