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  1. anyone think broadstairs will be hit? or will we miss it here by an inch ;;-;
  2. What do you lot think will happen in the southeast, any action where im at or do you think it will be more up north towards manchester tonight
  3. Okay ill word it a bit more logical, Do you think the storm will have frequent lightning or no? Just i dont want to do what happened last time where i stayed up all night and fell asleep at 7am as soon as the storm arrived...
  4. mapantz my question is, do you think this is worth staying up for tonight down in the southeast? or is it just going to be heavy rain showers with infrequent lightning?
  5. I'm keeping my eyes on the line of red and white that's about to make landfall
  6. Lmao, the huge cell is about to make landfall by the way, well the potent part anyway
  7. It's red on my radar meaning rapidly developing, still has potential
  8. Rain is picking up here, got a feeling this line of a cell is going to hit Hard
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