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  1. Gorgeous and sunny but that breeze is cold as hell. Here's a pic you might have seen before today A wider angle from yesterday's gorse with plenty of sunshine today.
  2. It's dry, gloomy and blowy here in the far south-east. No weather pic today just some beautiful gorse flowers:
  3. Instead of having a quiet day before coming into work at 10pm tonight for a nightshift we ended up going to Strathyre for a walk along Loch Lubnaig. Then home via Pitlochry Hopefully we'll get organised to get moved within a couple of years, I just need to work out where will be snowiest
  4. This was the view from my house earlier, it's now mostly melted. It reminded me of the snow in March 2006, just the way it fell and the size and type of snow. It's a shame the cards didn't fall right here, on another day we'd have had a foot of snow but sometimes you lose the snow lottery. At least March is giving us some weather. We've now had more snow, more wind and almost as much rain in 16 days in March than in the whole of winter.
  5. I was in Coldstream this afternoon and it was 12C according to the car. It felt like it was 12C, a real balmy day. Just 7 miles up the road at home it was 7C.
  6. We maxed out at a soggy 3 inches and now it rains. So close to glory.
  7. We've got a couple of inches here, phone camera is being an weeble but I've got pics on my proper camera which I can post up later once the snow has all melted in the rain
  8. I call a team meeting at @mardatha's house tomorrow at 7am until the snowplough comes.
  9. Based on the latest Euro4 I'd say Edinburgh itself will have a cold rainy day but as soon as you hit any elevation away from the coast it'll be snow for most of the day.
  10. I expect a Met-O warning to be issued soon so it'll all be fine.
  11. You're optimistic that it's going to be correct, for the 1st time in recorded history?
  12. My latest automated forecast is for rain all day but the previous one was for snow. It's going to be a rollercoaster and some of us will get thrown off.
  13. We had some snow but it didn't come to much. The snow line is a little above the height I am at, as can be seen if you squint at this picture. Look in the top left behind this well flowered field of oilseed rape beside my house:
  14. Just saying but it wouldn't be much of a detour to pick me up on the way down the road. I can drive
  15. It was a smashing morning today: But that was the peak of it. Cloud spread east fairly early on and then I headed west to Kilmacolm. Cold, rainy and breezy all the way up and back, it ended up being a really foul drive home. Sunday looks like a decent shout at some widespread snow
  16. This webcam is in the far north-west of Italy looking up towards Monte Rosa. They have had almost no snow all winter, they had snow in November but next to nothing since then. The whole region has been remarkably dry all winter. Press the play button at the bottom left of the webcam image https://www.lookr.com/lookout/1200500298-Macugnaga
  17. Slightly bright here but the weather is the same.
  18. The lesson here is do not use the GFS for short range forecasts I find the Euro4 is pretty decent but still gets it "wrong" quite often and in marginal situations slightly wrong can look very very wrong very quickly. I think that event may have been 2016 but I can't remember that far back.
  19. I see the weather gods listened to my whinge about winter being boring as anything and are now out for revenge. By the end of one week of March we will have had more rain than January & February combined: The rest of the week into next week could be very interesting for snow or storms. Fingers crossed!!
  20. @Northernlights, I have a farming query for you. I noticed a few days ago that a nearby field of oilseed rape has partially flowered. I could swear it doesn't normally flower until April? The field isn't fully grown, it's perhaps two to four flowering stalks every square metre but the effect over the whole field is that it looks yellow. Does this type of early development have a negative impact on the yield at harvest later in the year especially if we are now going to have a colder, wet and windy period? It just seemed out of place for the time of year but it might just be my lack of knowledge.
  21. If the GFS is even half right we've got a very mobile but cold couple of weeks coming up. March could be a belter
  22. Compared to the rest of winter it's absolutely thumping it down with snow. Visibility was my main issue driving to work, I had to put my front fog lights on and I don't normally use them even when it's foggy
  23. Bless their wee cotton socks, the Met-Office have issued a snow warning now that the snow has started to settle. The Euro4 had a pretty good handle on this so I wonder why they missed it?
  24. Winter 18/19 has to go down as one of the most remarkably non-remarkable winters I've ever experienced. 80mm of rain in 3 months, almost no snow, almost no weather of any type at all. I can't think of one event to remember the winter by and most winters have at least one memorable day.
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