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  1. Queen's Park in Glasgow was looking gorgeously autumnal today: Plus the wee maze at the side of Pollok House which was a firm favourite when I were a lad:
  2. The all new virus-era Edinburgh Castle one o'clock flamethrower trying to brighten up a gloomy day yesterday:
  3. Sore legs now but well worth it and far and away the busiest place we've seen all week:
  4. I've been to many places in Scotland but to my eternal shame today was my first visit to Dundee. For a southerner like me maybe this isn't too big an oversight but my Grandad was a Dundonian so I have no idea why it's taken me 42 years to set foot in the city. From what I saw of it I have missed out on a very nice place, but at least I got a gorgeous day to see it on:
  5. It was a long day trip from Edinburgh but well worth it with some scenic rainy misty weather. Callander: Glencoe: Neptune's Staircase: Glenfinnan: Oban:
  6. Surely it's going to be a weird winter to end the weird year?
  7. Duns at dusk last night...roll on the frosty snowy nights ahead:
  8. I'll second that, the colours out and about round here are stunning. Huge contrasts between oranges, browns and some trees still in a full lush green.
  9. It turned out decent here today if a little breezy:
  10. We hit about 50mm here which is loads, I don't remember too many occasions when that has happened in the last 5 years. The Blackadder is swollen this morning but I've seen it higher. We were probably saved by how dry it was in September. A few vids on my weather page: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3084877788282900&id=422182047885834
  11. @Mr Frost blamed me so I am sorry to everyone.
  12. Spare a thought for Northern Italy, they've been hammered by some extremely heavy rain with one station reporting 532mm from one rainfall event. Not sure if that was 24 or 48 hours but still...
  13. Red sky at night, shepherd's full of nonsense:
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