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  1. I think it's a wood pigeon, flaps a lot but doesn't fly very well. Only one of my three ever plays football, still worth having the garden ready though. That big shower to my north yesterday afternoon dumped a decent amount of rain. The rainfall gauge at Abbey St Bathans recorded 15mm in an hour, that's quite a high rainfall rate:
  2. It won't rain here either, I've finished cutting the grass and taken the washing in.
  3. There's a huge shower just to my north at the moment, only a few drops of rain here so far: @Hairy Celt please tell my grass to stop growing. It hasn't been that much wetter this year but the growth especially in the back garden is incredible:
  4. We're heading home tomorrow after a cracking week at Loch Lomond. The weather has been unbelievable, sunny and hot every day. I've got a tan which says Spain rather than western Scotland. Everywhere we've gone has been very dry. I don't know what the river is called where we were today but it was a mere trickle in a gorge which tells me it's usually much more full than this. It was a place called Sutherland's Grove at Barcaldine just north of Connel:
  5. It's a cracking day here at Inveruglas. I had a nice walk along the beach while the dogs went for a swim Now we're off for a tour to the slopes of Ben Lawers then up towards Schiehallion.
  6. We're at Loch Lomond at the moment and it's been dry recently. The water here is about 6ft below the level it was at in November when we were here. The rivers around here are very low too, it is completely different to six months ago (not unsurprisingly for the times of year).
  7. It's been cold in the breeze all day here although I did have to strip my top half to just a t-shirt while cutting the grass. I've now lost count of the number of times our grass has been cut, it is growing like crazy this year. I think I've cut it more often this year than all of last year. Looks fantastic though.
  8. It's a big stand-off now: Classic example of small changes to a set-up causing big differences in outcome. GFS is a stinker especially for the east. ECM and UKMO would be 10C warmer in places plus sunny instead of cloudy/drizzle/haar for many.
  9. It's turned out very decent today, feeling very warm with only a little wind and a lot of sun:
  10. Aye, we've got a very rough area of anywhere 30 miles either side of a line between Oban and Pitlochry in mind including that area. The Trossachs may prove just a little too close to Glasgow though. Having said that it needs to be within a couple of hours of Kilmacolm as my Dad and my kids live there. We're on holiday at Inveruglas on Loch Lomond for a week in May so we'll put some thought into the whole thing. It's almost certain that we'll move but we need to work out the details and find somewhere very snowy
  11. Nice pics! I don't think you'll see the triangle from the road, only from the old railway line. If we're along that way when we're on holiday I'll get a pic. That part of Scotland is very wet, although it is very spectacular too. I think the two things go hand in hand
  12. Watch out for some sharp showers across some parts this afternoon:
  13. Good tip about Balquhidder and Rob Roy's grave @ciel. We headed up the forestry track up Kirkton Glen about half way to Lochan an Eireannaich before MrsC's ankle had had enough (she's waiting for an op to remove a chunk of mis-healed bone):
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