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  1. It was a damp & grey morning in Port Glasgow earlier, not that this was putting people off some panic buying of fuel at Tesco: Most of the queue wouldn't fit in the picture.
  2. @Quinach the drought has caused huge problems in Alberta, many areas have declared an agricultural disaster with some reports of no yields let alone low yields.
  3. It's finished like that on the panels inside and out, not wallpaper and defo not Hysteric when you brush against it by accident. More like miniature painted rough cast....I don't understand either. The gloom continues here in Kilmacolm, no wonder Scots make ghosts look like David Dickinson.
  4. I'm not sure if my Dad's new house has a built-in weather station or if it's a huge weather station with bedrooms and a kitchen?
  5. I'm here until my Dad has a knee, let's hope the operations aren't cancelled or it'll be cloudy for a long time
  6. It's gloomy and miserable here in Kilmacolm, when does the sun come out here?
  7. I'd be up for that so I can see my wife of 6 weeks Start rattling that tin. GFS is hinting snow in FI back home....
  8. @Puffy MacCloud yes I would expect the weather to be awful for weeks as I think I am stuck here for weeks. My poor Dad only has a clay 'knee' until such time a replacement replacement knee can be fitted (long story). It was supposed to be 4 weeks but could be way longer thanks to the virus as all the operations are on hold. So I'd put money on a wet start to autumn way into October.
  9. Fairly decent in your location It's very pleasant here today in Kilmacolm, although maybe a lot more humid than what I is used to now.
  10. Monday 6th September will be when the autumn monsoon starts as I'm heading back to Scotland for 4+ weeks...it's a long gory story involving my Dad's knee and a few operations but I seem to be the rain curse over there so beware.
  11. After the 45mm of rain in 24hrs that we brought home from the UK it's back to brilliant blue skies and distant fresh snow on the Rockies: So glad to be back in Canada, everything that seemed weird 9 months ago just seems like home now.
  12. @Puffy MacCloud you'll be chuffed at these pics, I took the monsoon home to Calgary: It was 34.2C on Saturday, currently 10C at lunchtime. Anyway, we had a decent tour of Scotland when we were over and enjoyed the scenery and the multiple walls of rain. We were all in agreement that the best parts of Scotland are from Oban & Mull across to Pitlochry and down to Callander. And get to Iona whatever it takes, I never went until now and I kick myself for that: Mind blowing. We struck lucky and our visit to the Abbey was actually a guided tour, unknown to me when I pre-booked the tickets via Historic Scotland. The guides were great, the main guide was a font of knowledge. I am an atheist so for anyone with faith I am sure this visit would be next level.
  13. Oi @Puffy MacCloud, happy now?? 20210811_155429.mp4 Loch Lubnaig is under the rain somewhere there.
  14. @Puffy MacCloud will be happy, it smashed down with rain for hours this afternoon in Pitlochry, all from a tiny wee stalled blob that just sat and regenerated over and over: Killin was dry while we were there, the rain was never far away as you can tell by the clouds. The Falls of Dochart look good whatever the weather, one of the finest places in Scotland
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