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  1. We went for a wee detour on the way over to Kilmacolm to drop the boys off after their week down here. It was fabulously clear, hopefully we get a few days like this when we are on hols next month. Glen Ogle from the old railway line: Does anyone know why there might be a large white triangle painted on one part of rock face very high up on one of the hills on the side of Glen Ogle?
  2. Thick wet snow is falling here now, it's never going to come to anything unfortunately.
  3. Some decent snow in parts of the Alps in Italy too: https://api.lookr.com/embed/player/1488290340/month?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lookr.com%2Flookout%2F1488290340-Macugnaga
  4. It's been snowing here but it's only leftba small wet dusting in one corner of the garden.
  5. Some reasonable convection today: It could be at least a little interesting this afternoon.
  6. It's a stunning morning near the frontier The frost has almost all melted but it was a lovely shade of white outside first thing. Snow for some of us tomorrow, hopefully.
  7. There's nothing much happening with the weather again, back to the normal yawnfest round here. I have a strange thing for trees against a blue sky, no idea why but I always feel compelled to take a pic:
  8. Gorgeous and sunny but that breeze is cold as hell. Here's a pic you might have seen before today A wider angle from yesterday's gorse with plenty of sunshine today.
  9. It's dry, gloomy and blowy here in the far south-east. No weather pic today just some beautiful gorse flowers:
  10. Instead of having a quiet day before coming into work at 10pm tonight for a nightshift we ended up going to Strathyre for a walk along Loch Lubnaig. Then home via Pitlochry Hopefully we'll get organised to get moved within a couple of years, I just need to work out where will be snowiest
  11. This was the view from my house earlier, it's now mostly melted. It reminded me of the snow in March 2006, just the way it fell and the size and type of snow. It's a shame the cards didn't fall right here, on another day we'd have had a foot of snow but sometimes you lose the snow lottery. At least March is giving us some weather. We've now had more snow, more wind and almost as much rain in 16 days in March than in the whole of winter.
  12. I was in Coldstream this afternoon and it was 12C according to the car. It felt like it was 12C, a real balmy day. Just 7 miles up the road at home it was 7C.
  13. We maxed out at a soggy 3 inches and now it rains. So close to glory.
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