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  1. It's another icy morning here. The winter has been wet at times but it's also been very icy.
  2. According to Facebook (again) I had some snow 5 years ago today: I don't think it came to much but it's still better than this year.
  3. You've been remarkably unlucky even for your location. Perhaps we're not crossing enough fingers and squeezing our eyes tight enough? Having said that I've done well over the past ten years, so I shouldn't complain!
  4. Thanks to Facebook memories for reminding me that this was 2 years ago today: And then we had an Amber for more snow that night: The council closed all the schools the next day and there was all hell to pay when "the idiots got the forecast completely wrong". What actually happened was the small but extremely heavy band of snow skidded just south of the Borders. Spadeadam got something ridiculous like 6 or 7 inches of snow in 3 hours that night.
  5. It was wet but very lovely up Glen Ogle today, followed by an immensely wet drive home:
  6. Ooooof, did he not have a cold bottom? I wish this breeze would do one, it's just a pest now.
  7. Car thermometers aren't supposed to be accurate but the local Met-O station is 2 miles away from where the pics were taken so the car temp looks reasonable: As you can see from the Met-O readings it's quite breezy too. The lowest overnight temp was 3C but the frost has not melted.
  8. It's a southerly, might explain the difference in effect?
  9. The wind direction on Tuesday was SWly: The section of the A1 which was closed runs almost directly west to east, so it was more likely an effect off the Lammermuirs than any "funnel". I remain to be convinced that any real funnel exists, for example the M8 is at sea level in Glasgow then takes the lowest route west-east which tops out at 260m near Harthill. Hills to the north and south are 300m+. There's plenty of friction to disrupt/affect the wind. I've never seen wind readings which would back up any claims of a "Forth-Clyde valley funnel" effect but happy to be proved wrong.
  10. It's a southerly wind with gusts up to 60mph, not sure how it is getting funnelled?
  11. It's a gorgeous morning here but very icy: We'll get a bit of a blow and a splash later before more widespread ice tonight. Quite a few folk on my Facebook who live locally are posting up about Storm Brendan when the biggest risk they've got to face in the next 24 hours is the ice.
  12. @Kirkcaldy Weather the Euro4 definitely looks dodgy with the snow for tomorrow night. The dewpoints and 950 temps are way too high, I don't know how it decides that precip will fall as snow. The other morning the dewpoints and the 950 temps were good for snow, I don't usually live by the pink/blue charts for a forecast.
  13. I wasn't being cheeky. Knowing our luck we'd find out the GFS was the most accurate and we're just a pair of muppets!
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