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  1. By a quick calculation we're 2C above average on max temps here this month. It's going to come in as a very mild westerly dominated month unless things change quickly. Some of the rainfall totals in the west/north are very high but some places have been below average in the east. More like September this afternoon at 16C:
  2. Bear in mind it wasn't exactly a cold winter last year, fingers crossed I need to burn more this year
  3. @More Snow I can't remember exactly how much coal we went through last winter, I don't think we spent much more than £100. That was only for the living room fire, it wasn't on every day. We burn some wood on it too but that's more for effect as the coal will generate proper heat. I've found that trebles (bigger pieces) burn best in the fireplace we've got but everyone's got their own ideas. You'll get what you pay for with coal, there's all different types. I wouldn't recommend any of the manufactured coal products but others like them. All the wood we burnt last year was scavenged from the countryside. I've got a decent collection in the wood shack waiting to get chopped. You can tell if it's ok for burning by the weight. When did I turn into a hillbilly? I suppose the best advice is do whatever works best for you, your house and your bank balance. Every house is different, some people argue that a fire in a fireplace draws heat from the rest of the house. Just keep your chimney swept.
  4. Be a badass like me and burn coal. It creates mammoth amounts of heat. I must get the chimney swept, good point @Hairy Celt.
  5. It has been windy but nothing abnormal, loads of tree debris on the roads though.
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    Tonight will be the night it's underestimating just to prove me wrong
  7. Hurricane Ophelia

    Realised that and edited the reply
  8. Hurricane Ophelia

    That model tends to overestimate wind speeds, been there done it with it lol
  9. Hurricane Ophelia

    It's been there for hours, since at least 9.30am.
  10. It's the Saharan dust, that's why it's yellowish.
  11. The Met-Office have issued an orange warning for the south-west, pretty much in line with forecasts over the last few days:
  12. Hurricane Ophelia

    There's maybe not a red warning in NI as every single chart doesn't and never has forecast wind speeds which merit a red warning? Over warning is very dangerous as folk won't take heed when it's needed. Met-O warnings look about right for the forecast wind speeds.
  13. Chart suggests 60mph as per my amended post.
  14. Really? Where's the charts that show winds like that for the central belt? Here's the GFS's take. 60mph maximum from a model which tends to over estimate wind speeds:
  15. Ophelia doesn't hit Ireland until tomorrow and then loses a lot of energy very quickly. Unless there's a massive change in the forecast then it won't be anything out of the ordinary for anywhere in Scotland although it won't be a dead calm