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  1. 21.6C here today and I was at home. It has been glorious although the breeze didn't ever give up taking the edge off a little. Tomorrow looks like a stinker for many parts. Wet and breezy for much of Scotland and fairly cool in places with max temps between 10C and 17C.
  2. This month: http://apps.sepa.org.uk/rainfall Previous to the last month: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/summaries/anomacts
  3. It turned out warm and sunny between the showers today: When can the snow chase start?
  4. There hasn't been much of note happening the past few days weather wise. Summer is ticking on and the weather isn't fabulous but it hasn't been too bad here either. Rainfall is on course for average although it does seem to have been a little on the cool side. These pics are from Thursday, Friday, Saturday and today in the order they are posted: There are a few hints of changes down the line but we'll see what happens.
  5. The temperature may have peaked at 17.9C but it has been gorgeous this afternoon with warm hazy sunshine and a proper summer feel. Not so gorgeous to my south with dark clouds over the border. I see Glasgow hit 20-21C today, more summer tomorrow for many of us but temps look a bit disappointing in some northern parts.
  6. Photos of sunrises and sunsets

    Various random sunrise pics taken recently:
  7. It wouldn't be right without a sunrise pic: That's going to be the last sunrise pic close to home until next year if I'm doing my usual 6am starts. I'll need to start stopping on the way to work. Nice day if a little cloudy.
  8. If you don't get your grass cut today you'll get it cut tomorrow, assuming the Euro4 is correct. Showers for the north-west and south today but for the first time in a while tomorrow is forecast to be dry across most of Scotland. Glasgow may well be the warmest spot tomorrow with max temps of 20C+.
  9. We had some semi-decent convection and some sharp showers but nothing thundery:
  10. Today has been reasonably warm with some sharp showers and beautiful cloud formations: More of the same tomorrow although the showers may be less widespread.
  11. If I stood at the side of my house for any length of time I'd be covered in thunderflies. At least the rain has stopped, it looks drier tomorrow which is a start although there's the usual chance of showers especially in the north. Nothing suggests this current pattern will change much soon.
  12. I was out walking Clyde early this morning as work beckoned. It was cool and crisp at 5C, clear sky and almost no noise. This was perfect compensation for a 4am alarm call. The colours even well before sunrise were very pretty with Venus dazzling high above the horizon. And best of all, not one single insect to annoy me:
  13. It's dry here at work in Kelso, nothing much doing yet today apart from a fireball sunrise. It's now cloudy and dull. I'm off to Italy in four weeks so hopefully the weather will be a lot hotter than here and a lot less dull. Fingers crossed for some monster thunderstorms.
  14. Similar here and now a glorious round 20C with warm sunshine and a stiff breeze to keep the flies away. Perfect
  15. The best part of the day so far was sunrise and even then it was spitting with rain: Since I've been at work the rain has been lashing down. It's a grim morning but it'll be better later.