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  1. If this GFS accumulated precip chart is correct some of us are heading for a much drier than average September while those further west are not:
  2. Similar here with 16C at 1am and a steady 12-13C all day. I still loved my evening walk but it was a little dark by the time I got back to the car. The river is the Whiteadder at Ellemford Bridge.
  3. Sometimes I'm not too bad but it's hit and miss. I was planning to move somewhere further north and higher up but life's taken a funny turn. Maybe abroad now but we'll see.
  4. It stayed quite cloudy but it was lovely and warm at the Crystal Rig windfarm on the East Lothian/Scottish Borders border:
  5. It's a belter across Berwickshire into Berwick:
  6. It was gorgeous first thing but now cloudy and warm: Hopefully the incoming dry spell is sunny as well.
  7. You got away lucky if you had the coronavirus with no symptoms, whatever virus I had in Feb/March is still lingering slightly in my lungs. But get well soon from your lurgy Cloudy and breezy here at the moment, I think the heatwave is due Monday & Tuesday?
  8. Get well soon, I hope it's not the virus. I don't drink any more but that Dark Island is a gorgeous beer, I have filtered many of them through the old kidneys and liver. I'm just chilling watching TV after back to back shifts topped off by 200+ mile drive to get the kids down for the weekend. Counting down the weeks to a wee staycation assuming the virus does one, I'm not fancying my chances. Also looking forward to a few decent weather days off work and a chance to retame the wild jungle that used to be my garden.
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