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  1. An exceptional day for any time of year, warm and cloud free:
  2. A summer's morning in October, a real mash of seasons. I can hear the tattie harvest rumbling in the distance, it's not as quiet as the pictures suggest. We might hit 20C today.
  3. Classic Scottish weather: https://apps.sepa.org.uk/rainfall At one point this morning the ground was damp but the breeze has dried it quickly. I might even cut the grass later. In contrast the rain gauge at Inveruglas on Loch Lomond has recorded 140mm of rain in 36hrs. The dot representing that station has reverted to showing zero rainfall as it's off the normal scale. We're going there in November for a short holiday and I've been trying to explain to MrsC how wet it can be there. She's not getting it.
  4. You should have said it was a painting Lovely day here, cool but that's easily dealt with either a jumper or doing something useful like cutting the hedge. It looks likely some of us away from the north-west will have a very dry couple of weeks ahead, but east coast skank will be an issue in about ten days' time.
  5. I am happy to be proved wrong but this Amber warning is way over the top for here. Wind gusting to 65mph, maybe 70mph is not an Amber. Does this mean an 80mph gale would be Red? What about 90mph? Super Red with Blue spots?
  6. The worst of the showers missed here so it's been a decent afternoon and early evening:
  7. It was a cracker as it passed to my north-east, probs about 15-20 miles away over Berwick heading towards Eyemouth: Lightning vid on FB
  8. I was down your way earlier today, it was a gorgeous sunny day at Kielder. Last time we were there it was snowing and the drifts were waist deep up at the radar station on Deadwater. I assume the reservoir goes quite low most years, but it looks quite impressive anyway. Lovely place for a day out Hopefully the storms pick up and you can all send them on to me
  9. We're having our warmest day of the year today with a max of 28.4C (assuming it doesn't get any warmer now). It'd be good if some of that heat was converted into thunder, a good blast would be brilliant. Some parts further west were hammered last night, our turn now please
  10. I'm going to sound very miserable and ungrateful but the last few days have been a bit frustrating. On paper it sounds great, max temp today was 26.7C and it's been dry with quite a bit of sunshine. The reality is that it has been cloudy and breezy for much of the afternoon while the sunniest time of day was first thing when it wasn't overly warm. Not bad weather but some proper afternoon sunshine would be good. Edit: @101_North try Google Maps when you go travelling as in "Driving" mode it gives the best real time travel info available anywhere and takes 5 seconds to access:
  11. Harvest is in full swing here. In comparison last year's harvest was only finished in mid-September.
  12. Tomorrow afternoon and evening could go with a big bang in some parts after what could be a very warm day:
  13. It's 24C at Charterhall at 11am. I'm in Paisley and it's 16C and cloudy, but heading home now Aberdeen is on fire:
  14. I'd not be surprised if it hits 28C, 850 temps are as high as 14C, Foehn wind off the Grampians and plenty of sunshine. 26C for the eastern Borders which is plenty
  15. "a couple"?? If you don't come back a shed load then you're off the Xmas card list. The Tour de France has been near there over the past couple of stages, stunning scenery. Enjoy it, I am a little green with envy