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  1. Interestingly my diislike of October isn't necessarily all in my head. It's the wettest month on average across the west & east of Scotland and the 2nd wettest month in the north: UK climate averages WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK UK climate averages Springs are dry and autumns are wet with summer and winter in between.
  2. One last photo for today, I never manage to capture rainbows very well but this one this afternoon was quite cute. If you squint a lot there's a 2nd very faint rainbow on the right:
  3. One GFS run at +360hrs, it's got to be nailded on, surely? Meanwhile we have our continental skies back, gorgeous day but that wind has a nibble to it:
  4. Ladies and gentleladdies, may the snow chase season commence: Looks awfy dry to me
  5. Rain rain and more rain for many parts of Scotland, some of us should stay fairly dry though:
  6. As promised, the grass has been cut but it was a bit soggy underneath:
  7. It's the same in the opposite corner of the country but not quite as unusual for us: I thought Fergus might have felt left out the other day and he does stand still if a tennis ball is involved. He's remarkably dry for a morning walk too:
  8. We used to be with Sky/BT and the line speed was way less than 1M. We had to plan 2 days in advance if we wanted to download a film. We are now with a company called Briskona who use a line of sight wifi thingy which sounds a bit dodgy but it delivers 10M. I don't think Briskona operate in your area but there is a good chance another company does. It might be worth researching it before you move as BT saying 1 to 3M will probs mean a real speed of 0.5M or less.
  9. Today's afternoon dog walk: It was cold in the breeze and these photos were taken at about the best slot of the whole day. We've escaped most of the shower activity down here so I should be able to cut my grass tomorrow.
  10. October is one of the worst weather months. Too soon for a snow chase and too late for warmth. I have a deep dislike for October weather.
  11. The data from SEPA is much more detailed than anything you'll get from the Met-Office Scottish Rainfall Data - provided by Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) APPS.SEPA.ORG.UK Rainfall data for Scotland.
  12. Cool, breezy, sodden underfoot but currently dry with a hint of sunshine. Perfect conditions for some lazy silhouette photography:
  13. There will be some fairly chunky gusts across some parts of the north tomorrow, nothing too extreme but enough to demolish a few trees.
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