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  1. A lot of snow patches will survive a long time on the hills in the south, there's one on the northern side of the Cheviot which survives quite well every year too...but you'll know all about that one I am sure Plus the fact that we've got loads and loads more snow to come obviously.
  2. If it's dry enough later in the week I might cut my grass. It's a shambles as I never got a chance to cut it again in autumn.
  3. Once that wind and 10C kicks in it will all be gone, the wind in particular is a big killer.
  4. No-one in the south will win a longest snow patch competition, it's going to get hairdryered away: Watch out my northern friends, there's some severe gales coming too:
  5. The satellite pic posted the other day was quite striking with the north-east green and much of the rest of the country white. You missed out plus some places on the coasts in the SW and the east. I've done remarkably well out of it, best westerly for many years.
  6. When you finish work and it looks like this from inside the car...
  7. By Saturday we're back out of the cold air. It's a swift glancing blow, it has been on the charts for days.
  8. Euro4 accumulated precip up to 6am on Monday: For many of us it's going to be very patchy even if it snows tomorrow.
  9. Either east to the Shotts/Harthill area or south down the M74 to Broughton.
  10. We'll have more idea by tomorrow morning once it's within range of the Euro4. At the moment the GFS seems to smash the precipitation as it heads north-east with the north getting a spell of heavy snow and the south not getting much at all.
  11. A final flourish on Sunday anyone?
  12. It's cold and white and covers all the shhhhite?
  13. If it lines itself up into a stream once it's off the sea then yes. The last Euro4 I looked at had some dodgy looking 950 temps so it may be rain at lower levels as observed by @GraemeB in Paisley. The precip is centred where the kink in the black lines is in the west of Scotland.
  14. You saved me posting this It's not even close to being over yet!!
  15. Is that part of this kinky little thing? What is that??