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  1. Today has been glorious from sunrise (1st pic) into this afternoon and early evening (rest of pics). More to come tomorrow. Daffs only came out in the last few days here, some are still not opened fully:
  2. You should get some rain but not too much in volume
  3. Ah...it doesn't look so nice then?
  4. It's a horror show for anyone exposed to the south-westerly wind up to midnight tomorrow: Dry here so may the garden taming commence...if the mower starts.
  5. GFS for King of Wacky Weather. We go from this week at 5C to this next week: And then three days later...WINTER RETURNS with Siberian death immigrants from the EU Polar Vortex:
  6. Ooops. I've got my kids down for a week this week and not next - grrrr lol What can you do?
  7. Here's some good news, has anyone looked at the models for next week? Both the GFS and ECM have this easterly becoming a southerly with temps up to 15-18C.
  8. Aye, the skank has arrived in the last couple of hours. See you all on Friday
  9. Today started very well but unimproved as the day went on. The pic was taken near Longformacus this morning: Later in the week still looks skanky in the east.
  10. The latest GFS backs this up. Very blocked with easterly winds then a late attempt at a northerly bringing snow on or after the 20th. It's not going to be a warm April.
  11. I'm sure there have been days in recent years where we've been sitting at 8C and "back home" in the west has been 25C. I suppose it's payback for all the other times it's far warmer and incredibly dry in the east, we don't have it too bad
  12. You might escape the worst...if you're lucky.
  13. Easterners beware!! After a much warmer weekend the weather settles down into another easterly, not cold enough for snow but it's going to be an east coast skank fest. Look at the temp chart for next Friday, huge differences east to west. I wouldn't be surprised to see some west coast places hitting 18-20C in glorious sunshine while the east coast will be 7C and cloudy at best:
  14. The snow has been falling for hours but it's not settling very well. The snow is coming from over your left shoulder looking at this pic, the grass is clear in the "shadow" of the house: I would assume places higher up not far from here are getting a pasting. Remember it's to be -3C tonight so expect a little ice in the morning.