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  1. Could be, I just assumed there aren't any large rocky outcrops on it. That would make sense
  2. It's been thrashing down with misty drizzle, the ground is almost wet. In other news there is still a snow patch on the Cheviot, to the north-west of the summit and probs at about 750m up. It's in England but no-one in England will be able to see it. You can only see it shortly before sunset on a sunny evening as the sun reflects off it, at other times it's not visible. I have only noticed it since I started nightshifts two weeks ago. It must be a reasonable size as it's 15-20 miles away.
  3. Another proper country boy
  4. I'm not sure that's normal for a Met-O site, it's supposed to be on grass surely? No wonder they discounted the reading.
  5. Same old here too. Gorgeous sunshine for a few hours and then it becomes cloudy and breezy. Really bland once it goes like this.
  6. I've had a look on Google Maps to see if I can find the station but have come up with nothing. Any ideas anyone?
  7. I think it sounds dodgy that they are blaming a running vehicle for the "abnormal" reading. Sounds like a good way of blaming something else for an equipment failure or other issue?
  8. Sounds dodgy to me: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-44725830
  9. I agree, it's been very good here in recent weeks but not as good as in some other locations. Statistically today has been sunnier than average, warmer than average and bone dry. Sounds great on paper but the reality is a cloudy & breezy afternoon, same as yesterday. Plus we've had loads of days with haar or cloud all day.
  10. Don't tell @Hawesy as he might get jealous.
  11. The latest GFS holds no cheer for those needing rain, this is the accumulated precipitation out to +384hrs: OK, there is some rain expected but even if it's right this will not touch the sides.
  12. Last year's lawn compared to this year minus Clyde
  13. If I was watering my lawn I'd do it in the evening, not sure if there's any logic behind that Edit: I've Googled it and apparently this is wrong, 4am to 10am is best. The tree in our front garden is shedding leaves probs due to a lack of water: I had to run the lawnmower over that bit of the lawn to collect all the leaves but the grass under the tree isn't growing much.
  14. I'm gutted. Look at Thursday's forecast. Summer's over:
  15. The best parts of the day here have been the start and finish. In between it's been cold and cloudy: I was cross-country today. 26C in Glasgow, 16C in Edinburgh. Two seasons in 45 miles.