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  1. Might as well take up a new hobby in case the 2nd wave comes during Autumn/Winter. How to Paint a Lightning Bolt: Step-by-Step I plan to actually do this on a mirror but without the cloud's...or I'll see..
  2. If we all chip in we could book a long holiday to France, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium for some action next year, simple . Anyway back on topic, watching some small build ups to the Southwest of Ireland...one can hope but I'm all good after the wee storm we had earlier.
  3. Just had a nice small thunderstorm here in Dublin, thanks to Dublin Mts giving it a boost. Now having flying ants and birds after heavy rain shower.
  4. Not the ideal footwear for it tbh. Moving on, just chilling here in Dublin waiting for that nice build from the north Co.Cork area to head my way...hopefully.
  5. Jeez I actually hate the world right now screwing with this, I'm logging of.
  6. Anyways 9:00 PM EDT Mon Sep 2 Location: 26.8°N 78.4°W Moving: Stationary Min pressure: 942 mb Max sustained: 140 mph
  7. Ok rub it in why don't you. lol. As if I'm not burning enough from fake YouTube vids to now fake live streams. Darn what has happened to the world of real news, have ppl reached so low to make a profit from those in destress..it's sick, thank you Fiona :).
  8. I'm surprised you got that, so much was happening in a matter of mins. Good one.
  9. One must ask how do you know this? Nevermind I see it...so sneaky, thank you. When they say live why can't they not just be live but must lie to us, unfreakinbelievable grrrrr
  10. No no I don't do the chat, I keep to myself, there is actually one person who knows me here personally, his name is Dan, yeah you know that guy who gives you the storm forecast, yeah we know each other, even before netweather became famous. Dan is the Man and I say that with 100% confidence. Ok I have to end this convo it is of topic.
  11. Me....I am Luke Anthony, ignore my posted videos and liked videos, I actually don't show my weather videos or who I follow, but I do love storms and have done since I was a child....anyways back to hurricanes and storms vids ;).
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