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  1. Well that rain was insane, defiantly flash flooding worth. Met Eireann said 25-40mm of rain..no no more like 60mm within 20mins.
  2. Rain and strong winds as Cold Front moves in, slower than I thought, lightning has subsided a lot over the south east of Ireland, seeing some activity in central Ireland. I might be to far north for any Storms *a gust slams window closed as I type*
  3. SHANNON AIRPORT RAINFALL RADAR NOT OPERATIONAL The Met Éireann rainfall radar at Shannon Airport is currently not operational due to a technical issue, hence the loss of rainfall radar coverage in the south-west of Ireland. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. It is under service and due to resume operation this week pending successful repair works. We will update this post if any further information becomes available. No further updates – 8th August Published 05/08/2019 It's hard trying to figure out the core of the storms, everything is smudged -_-
  4. I had a storm feeling, so I got out of bed. Within the past hour or more I've had heavy persistent rain, even my daughter was surprised, rather gusty but nothing dangerous to blow a branch of. The rain and wind has calmed down for now, I shall stay awake for the second round heading from the South-east of Ireland. Ps a Thunderstorm seems to of came alive in The Channel.
  5. Things have calmed down here now. Was not the best but was unexpected. See what tomorrow brings.
  6. @mountain shadow Looks like it's already starting with showers building up
  7. Such a pity the structures are not photogenic due to low lvl cloud hanging around. I can make out an Anvil from the last storm. I can see two more Cells(showers), one heading to my west again the other seems to be on a direct hit, but lets not speak to soon. As for North UK even South Scotland I wonder if the storms will hold out till sunset or longer, you guys could get some shots :). For now my daughter and I are in competition to see who can grab the first lightning shot haha, she has the better view .
  8. Don't give up yet, ,I wasn't expecting any of this in my area today. This low pressure is a slow mover there is plenty of hope.
  9. Had a Thunderstorm over Dublin about 13:30. I missed it but my daughter was the lucky one again, she couldn't see any CG nor did it show up on blitzortung.org so most likely IC. Another has developed to my west as I type, it will miss me ha. The day is young. Edit: blitzortung.org now showing strikes to my west....thunder is deep rumbling.
  10. Weak Mammatus clouds over Dublin right now, including a Buzzard, cool. Edit: Clouds are filling the sky, Mammatus now becoming more defined.
  11. Ok ladies and gents time for me to hit cloud 9, it has been fun getting in on the action,, I look forward to more plumes n shields in the near future. Take care all. Remember to water the animals and plants. Good nig...morning.
  12. With only three hours remaining for the forecast I highly doubt it also. But the clustering was/is correct.
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