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  1. Apparently I'm currently under a heavy cell right now...but no precipitation?
  2. Incredibly humid here, looking at the satellite imagery doesn't look like anything kicking off yet
  3. Mass over Wales/West England, is that likely to fire up, or just a patch of rain?
  4. Heavier showers in some areas down south, but nothing yet! Less CAPE than expected?
  5. Majority of cells near me (East Wales), appear to just be collapsing all the time
  6. Does anyone else feel like the MetO need to update the warnings? Still incredibly broad
  7. Is it possible to tell if a storm is dying via Radar/Satellite, any signs?
  8. Will these inland storms die off soon? Mid level keeping them going?
  9. Impossible to predict the direction of this Wales storm, changing direction every bloody frame!!
  10. Booming thunder from this "Rain" Intra cloud if it's not showing up on Detectors?
  11. I have never experienced a storm like that...speechless! I would be grateful if someone could confirm if thats it for mid Wales tonight? My house can't take much more ☹
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