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  1. Thank you, that explains why they're dying out just before they reach me!
  2. Is it a common theme for Autumn...with Storms being more likely on the coasts instead of inland?
  3. The text forcast on the Met Office app, sounds like stormagedon for the West Midlands over the next 4 days
  4. Surely the "Storm" near Peterborough can't be produces this strike rate, false strikes maybe? ^ Ignore this, the radar echoes are now torrential!
  5. Chance of thundery showers looks decent in the south, not too sure about the chance of one this morning for me (Shropshire).
  6. Interesting to read CW forcast for today, I was expecting a Slight for most of the UK!
  7. I could understand poor accuracy if it was a destabilising plume (don't think it is) but in my short term of being a fan of the weather, I've always assumed that simple(ish) low pressure systems should be easier to predict?
  8. Not 100% sure how the model runs works, but the 21Z 2am model compared to the live rainfall is around 100 miles too far east!
  9. I didn't know that the MOGREPS even existed, so that's interesting to know the bulk of rain off the coast Cornwall has been forecasted to move across the south of the UK, looks like its still heading NE at the moment.
  10. I was thinking the same! Is it a common theme for the UKV to move everything east?
  11. I think the cell that you've just had is heading towards me! Let's see if it's still rumbling...
  12. You're correct, they dont seem to be electrifying, although the radar is apparently maxing out at rainfall amount. Not sure if they'll pick up tonight whilst moving north.
  13. Do lightning detector sites struggling to register cloud to cloud strikes? Looks like some intense showers in the south!
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