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  1. So far it's looking like a rain maker for most of the SE. The electrical activity might just be a Kent clipper!
  2. Nice day in north London . Weather is looking very meh for the next week or so. Hope we get an early cold snap!
  3. A chilly 10 degrees at midday in north London. Quite a contrast to recent weather!
  4. Yep, lovely day today with a refreshing chill in the air. Wouldn't seem out of place in December!
  5. 20 degrees in London today. 9 degrees sounds lovely!! September was a mild and humid month. We need a pattern change to usher in some cooler temps here.
  6. It's been mild enough for t shirts (& shorts in full sun!) in London recently. Longing for some cold weather now, especially some nights below 10 degrees!
  7. Crystal clear blue skies, pleasantly warm afternoons and cool nights in the SE. Perfect weather to usher us into autumn. Grim?
  8. lol the point I was trying to make was referring to these posts above. You repeatedly kept saying it was impossible even though we all disagreed, especially the "too far north" thing, that was a bit ridiculous. Just a bit of fun, nothing serious, but we all told you so!
  9. Dare I say it... Surrey needs a bit of rain. Grass is looking parched.
  10. Awaiting validation.. but *potentially* highest UK temperature on record in ... Cambridge 38.7 C! Who said it was impossible for Cambridge to be the hottest place in the UK yesterday?
  11. Good luck sleeping up north. That warm air doesn’t seem to want to let go!
  12. Diddly squat. It’s just dying as it hits the UK, not that anything amongst it was heavy in the first place. Doesn’t seem like much is gonna happen.
  13. Seems so! Too many people have been taking thunderstorm forecasts for gospel recently. Especially on Twitter, with terms like “extremely dangerous” “life threatening” “violent” lol. Too much hyping and not enough action! More activity in the SE as usual. We don’t need a model to tell us that do we.
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