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  1. Hoping for a light show tomorrow night but history says to expect heavy rain, with the lightning probably reserved for Kent & East Anglia ⚡
  2. 28°C here in C London and a few more hours of heating left.. Cloud approaching from NW though! First 30°C of the year?
  3. Very warm day here with lovely blue skies and strong June sunshine, topped out at 28°C. Fingers crossed for the mother of all storms this week ⚡ feels overdue!
  4. Fairly standard summer weather in London reaching low to mid 20s, which is just in the "warm" category IMO. Could reach "very warm" tomorrow/Monday/Wednesday but not looking "hot" just yet. Nowhere near the mid to high 30s of recent years.. now that's "hot"! 😎
  5. Lovely warm spell if you.. enjoy cloud... Hopefully the weekend is sunnier! 🙁
  6. Well what a rapid change from the abysmal April & May weather (IMBY) to summer-like in the capital. 😎 Would love a few more weeks of this before we get any humid and thundery weather.
  7. I agree with other southerners moaning in here. This has been one of the worst springs I can ever remember. Yuck! Plants are really struggling and are weeks behind where they normally are.
  8. I don't think those in the SE are exaggerating, it's been pretty chilly, and at times cold, under the cloud and in that easterly wind. I don't doubt that it feels pleasant further north in the sunshine though! 😎
  9. Another cloudy afternoon and feeling chilly in the breeze. High pressure? I'd like a refund please 🙄
  10. Contrasting feelings between the cold wind and the warm April sunshine today but overall it feels quite pleasant IMBY. 😎 and some noteworthy dew points with this northerly
  11. What's with all this thick cloud coming up from the south? Today will be a major let down unless it suddenly fizzles out.
  12. Abysmal start to spring so far.. I'm longing for sunny, mild days and my plants are in need of it too!
  13. High pressure approaching 1040 hPa today. Glorious blue skies and light winds, lovely! 😎
  14. The mild, sunny weather is lifting most people's moods IMO. The last thing we need is more cold, rain or wind to spoil spring. 🙁
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