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  1. Yikes it's a bit chilly out there this evening in London! 13°C, 100% humidity & rain.. Ju---November?
  2. Quite a nice day out there for the SE. Mostly sunny skies & 22°C so a bog standard summers day here really, albeit very windy!! ?️
  3. 17-19°C at 10pm, it's hardly mid December is it?
  4. Unpopular opinion... I don't mind the current weather! The warmer weather will come back eventually so i'm enjoying the current setup. And it's still reaching 20-21°C everyday here so it's not exactly freezing cold.
  5. Sunny spells here. All of the showers across the SE have dodged me.. So the weather isn't too bad IMBY. I'd be happy without any more heatwaves this summer.
  6. It's hard to believe it's still June. After the warm & sunny spring and recent cooler, wet & windy weather, it feels more like late August. And yet we still have 2-3 more months of potential summer weather ahead of us!?
  7. It rained cats and dogs in London about an hour ago. Wet, windy & relatively cool, and as much as I enjoy summer heat, I'm loving the cooler weather at the moment. The ups and downs of summer are better than a whole season of the same weather. ?️
  8. My bedroom has cooled from 31°C on Friday to 25°C tonight - and it feels quite cool!
  9. Oh look, more storms for the north. Rinse & repeat. ?
  10. Did a tornado hit Warcop, Cumbria? The station reported a 64 mph gust as a storm went overhead. The same storm went over the Great Dun Fell 2 station and it reported a 71 mph gust.
  11. Yet another hot spell that hasn't ended with widespread storms. We'll probably get more convective activity from tomorrow's Atlantic driven sunshine & showers!
  12. No storms forecast for the SE this eve/tonight. But never say never, there are sometimes surprises. There's a shower coming up from France now but doesn't look electrified.
  13. Met Office video forecast released this morning not matching up to the current radar. And that shower near Ely just died. Nowcasting?
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