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  1. Was thinking this as well. Hopefully more cells build off it as it works its way up
  2. Morning from a storm starved Lincoln. First day off work this week and I've been treated to some fabulous dull cool weather. Will be surprised if we see anything anytime soon....
  3. Here’s hoping for a storm in Lincoln..... however I think I’m wishful thinking. What’s the chance for us?
  4. Be glad your not in Lincoln? Only saw the first cloud of the day 30 mins ago
  5. Evening all. What’s Lincoln’s chances looking like over the next few days. From what I’ve seen Wednesday so far looks like the best chance for us??
  6. Not quite as impressive but I feel the need to jump in! Thankyou to the person on Facebook for this picture
  7. Would have been incredible. Looking south from Hykeham atm I can see the odd flash however nothing major on the radar???
  8. I did indeed and I believe that was the strike that took the power out. Agree with you as well, the lightning looking north after the storm was incredible.
  9. Evening all.. well well well the wait for a storm in Lincoln is officially over. Was it worth the wait???? Hell yeh. Constant CG lightning. Stupidly loud thunder and it knocked the power out. The best storm I’ve seen since being in Florida. Happy days
  10. What time are these storms likely to fire, and then move into lincs
  11. Cloud here in Lincoln has started to disappear in the last 30 mins. Sun is now out and feels very warm and humid. After no storms at all this year so far I have a feeling today may well be the day. Let’s wait and see.
  12. Are these storms in around Peterborough gonna push up into Lincs or not. Feels very muggy again here today
  13. Is this gonna hit us, or skirt us!? Hoping it back builds a little
  14. When will these storms start to die out. My guess would be the loss of daytime heating????
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