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  1. Love it!!! Thunder heard skies look dark. As Tom said earlier lincoln has been the producer today so maybe our chance now?
  2. Something big developing to my west. Gone very dark........ and as I type the first distant rumble.
  3. So..... I was suppose to be at work today all day... but the boss said at 9am go. Beautiful!! Looking at the forecasts Lincoln is looking more promising than first thought. One thing I’ve noticed today is the humidity. Feels like a tropical day in Florida. Guess it’s wait and see. Good luck everyone today.
  4. Okay so saturdays storm here in Lincoln was super impressive however there is a storm developing just south of Lincoln atm. This looks a monster. Incredible structure to it. And as I type the first deep rumble. Eeeeek edit: This is now the second storm in 4 days that has had a stunning looking roll cloud on it. Lucky me
  5. A fantastic way to end the day with some incredible CG strikes. There was only 5-6 strikes but they were all lovely purple CGs. A nice weekend overall . Edit: A lovely looking leading edge of the storm as it approaches
  6. Something is developing overhead........ not long till it goes bang here.
  7. That bolt over the cathedral is a beauty! I was up in the Waddington area yesterday so unfortunately all the lightning was hard to see due to the intense rainfall.
  8. After a lovely storm here in Lincoln yesterday, today is feeling like we could get more. Feels ripe for storms after a coolish start. Cloud bubbling up quickly in the last 30 mins.
  9. I’ve never seen development this intense and quick since being in Florida. This is about to go bang!!!
  10. I’m no expert however I can tell you from looking at the cloud growth that the two cells south of Lincoln are merging into something quite spectacular. Best get this BBQ in quickly
  11. Afternoon all: finally away from work. Looks like Lincoln’s chances are this evening.
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