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  1. A fair start to the day in eastern parts of Scotland and eastern England with some bright or sunny spells here. Rain and cloud through Ireland, Wales and southwest England early in the morning, this then spreading east and north during the day. Wet in Scotland in the afternoon, heavy in the southwest. Damp in eastern England, although heavier rain in northwest England. Drizzle for southern England and Wales and staying rather cloudy. Staying wet in western Ireland. Staying breezy for all. Highs at 10 to 14C. Friday Another unsettled day on a Friday as a shallow area of low pressure c
  2. Drier and colder than normal across the UK over the next 4 days. High pressure to NW of UK. Turning unsettled over the period October 19th to 26th 2020. Source:ECMWF 12 October update.
  3. Look at this chart for the end of October! very cold and stormy
  4. Turning briefly a little milder this weekend according to the GFS. Then colder with wind and rain following . A little drier for the far south
  5. Mixed October ahead followed by a wet November and average December . Slightly higher pressure than normally in June 2021. Is the Netweather Autumn forecast out yet?
  6. Hurricane Sally Discussion Number 15 NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL192020 1000 PM CDT Mon Sep 14 2020 After rapidly strengthening earlier today, Sally's intensity has plateaued for now. Both the NOAA and Air Force Hurricane Hunters have been investigating Sally this evening and they have found that the minimum pressure and winds have leveled off, and support perhaps a generous initial intensity of 85 kt. Doppler radar images and reports from both aircraft indicate the inner core of the hurricane is quite small and that the eyewall is open on the south side, likely due to some dry ai
  7. Settled into the end of the month apart from a few small blips - FL I KNOW! Next Tuesday expect cold wind and rain. Storms heading our way from the Atlantic - Ex Hurricane Sally perhaps?
  8. I am looking for the first frosty night/morning!
  9. Looking good! no sign of rain in England and Wales for a long time! Perhaps we are heading towards a drought! please let us have a dry hot autumn . Spoke too soon - some rain in the forecast for Sunday and 30% risk of Rain on the 26th September in Northern England according to the models
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