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  1. Looking very settled for at least 10 days in early to mid September, as is often the case!
  2. Meanwhile look how cold its going to be on Sunday in Rochdale (Ol12)
  3. Were any local records broken last night? if not nationally?
  4. Im more concerned about the low pressure over the UK on that date
  5. Latest GFS 2m Temps on 06Z - HIGH res shows peak of 36C in London at 15.00 nothing like the 40 degress forecast earlier. I dont think we will break the record tomorrow
  6. No where near 100f today! currently 66f in Manchester. Cant see us getting a rise of 34F in the next 36 hours.
  7. I can see us returning to the early = mid June 2019 type weather with an active jet stream and lots of rain and below average temperatures! i am worried about the outlook beyond Saturday! Very unsettled with torrential rain and possibility of flooding.
  8. I agree - Saturday looks like being a washout across England and Wales with lots of cloud and rain around and only average temperatures
  9. In the short term look at the awful weather across Wales at the moment
  10. A nice day on Tuesday but then look at the Jetstream by Friday!
  11. Yes as i thought its going to be a one or two day warm spell then it gets swept away! its a repeat of June - predictions of temps in the high 30s and low 40s feels like temps are washed away as we get nearer the event! Cold Front will sweep the heat away from all but London and the South East by Thursday am.
  12. Massive downgrade of temps at D7-D10 on the GFS 18Z. Temps down 10-14C on the forecast for the period Wednesday 24th July to Friday July 26th 2019. I predict it will be a two day heatwave then back to average.
  13. Looking like a massive heatwave Monday to Thursday next week - GFS has 37 in Manchester and 40 degrees in Sheffield then temperatures plunging to 13 by D10 . Rain across London at the moment and turning fresher today
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