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  1. I put mine on for the first time last night knocked it off again after about an hour I was sweating so much !
  2. Why is it that if it’s stronger it’s worse for us ? Logically thinking people would think the stronger the better ? Is it that it would be just to strong and end up reversing the whole thing .
  3. Hi is it right that we are heading into a La Niña think I saw something on the met office website about it ! What effects of any will this have on the uk ? I’ve read a little bit about it and that it may produce a colder winter for us but is this always the case when we are in one ?
  4. Hi What does this mean for the UK John ? Less rain and more Cold weather !! thankyou Georgie
  5. Been Snowing for over an hour and sticking at the top of Matlock !!
  6. It’s been Snowing at the top of Matlock now for about an hour ?
  7. Thankyou @knocker for your posts really informative and easily understandable for a learner !
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