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  1. Sorry mods !! But I have to show my appreciation for the guys on here posting their thoughts !! Brilliant !!!
  2. HAPPY new YEAR. 10 years here and still addicted.
  3. Cuba is a great place to see birds. Cuban Tody and Cuban Emerald Hummingbird, Female.
  4. Carrion Crow taking a dive off Southend Pier.
  5. earsnow

    Badger Cull

    All of what you have quoted is wrong. "super excretors" Shunned by the badger group ! Never heard so much rubbish. I am independent of such groups, so not affected by them. I study a badger group at very close quarters and I am still discovering new insights to their behaviour.
  6. earsnow

    Badger Cull

    What a load of rubbish !! I have studied badgers for 30 years,been involved with The Mammal Society for 20 years. This is all made up. Is this NFU propaganda? My colleagues in research would fine this funny.
  7. earsnow

    Badger Cull

    Think this is worth watching
  8. earsnow

    Badger Cull

    Why does Silage draw badgers into barns? Invertebrates, Rodents ? Badgers have never hibernated in Britain ,they slow down during December and January ,rarely venturing above ground too much. They mainly live off their fat reserves laid down in Autumn,they never seem particularly hungry this time of year,also the females become pregnant (if not stressed and overcrowded)
  9. earsnow

    Badger Cull

    This Badger cull is just one big governmental spin ! To quote a phrase from Josef Mengele " The bigger the lie ,the more people will believe it " They know themselves it won't work it just gives them time. Time to make certain farms clean up their act and time to smudge the figures in a few years !
  10. earsnow

    Badger Cull

    Why do we think badgers need a natural predator? How much were they predated when we had Wolves and Bears?Probably very rarely. A complex fortress to live in and a powerful bite make them a target only for the opportunist hungry hunter. What about the car ? Badgers will only breed if the conditions are just right. If the badger population in an area is too dense the female badger will not become pregnant ! The egg will not implant and grow in the womb if the female is stressed in anyway. Reasons such as overcrowding in the sett, causing friction, lack of fat reserves, poor condition etc. We humans think without our help wildlife will become out of control and run riot! This is a very old fashioned view now, we need to change and look at the Countryside as a whole living structure. It starts to make sense when you do that.
  11. earsnow


    This is Foxy.A very tame Fox who when he sees me bounds up just like a playful dog.
  12. The famous Naturalist Gilbert White, writes about the terrible winter of 1739-40. He mentions that of terrible frosts and cold N/E winds carried on through April and May, stopping Redwings and Feidfares departing for Scandinavia until early June! Are there anymore reports of that winter? What sort of weather patterns do you think occured that year ?
  13. Thanks for the comments You can just see my knee in this pic ! I was watching a different part of the wood when "Norm" found me.You can see him thinking" what are you doing here!"
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