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  1. Sorry mods !! But I have to show my appreciation for the guys on here posting their thoughts !! Brilliant !!!
  2. earsnow

    Model output discussions pm 31/12/15

    HAPPY new YEAR. 10 years here and still addicted.
  3. earsnow

    Bird Photographs

    Cuba is a great place to see birds. Cuban Tody and Cuban Emerald Hummingbird, Female.
  4. earsnow

    Bird Photographs

    Carrion Crow taking a dive off Southend Pier.
  5. A Beautiful Male Siskin
  6. earsnow


    This is Foxy.A very tame Fox who when he sees me bounds up just like a playful dog.
  7. earsnow

    Winter Of 1739-40

    The famous Naturalist Gilbert White, writes about the terrible winter of 1739-40. He mentions that of terrible frosts and cold N/E winds carried on through April and May, stopping Redwings and Feidfares departing for Scandinavia until early June! Are there anymore reports of that winter? What sort of weather patterns do you think occured that year ?
  8. earsnow

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Thanks for the comments You can just see my knee in this pic ! I was watching a different part of the wood when "Norm" found me.You can see him thinking" what are you doing here!"
  9. earsnow

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Me and my mate Norman http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/huh.gif
  10. earsnow

    Was it Rainning ?

    Thanks Paul, always so helpful.
  11. earsnow

    Was it Rainning ?

    Can anyone help me ? looking at the archive data, can anybody tell me if it was wet around the 23rd of november 2006 for the southeast? looks like it might of been ,but i'm not sure! Be grateful if someone could help. earsnow
  12. earsnow

    Winter Dawn

    Dawn,2nd of Jan, 2007.Leigh on Sea,Essex.
  13. earsnow

    January 1987

    Fantastic memories of 87! It had been snowing most of sunday night (being close to the Thames estuary,it kept things going!) and by monday morning everywhere was a winter wonderland.Massive drifts and about 18 inches of level snow. I went out exploring with a friend, we could leap into huge drifts head first We walked to Hadleigh Castle, its very exposed overlooking the estuary,took some brilliant photo's. It was late morning by now and the sky started to darken,the snow was coming off the thames,we had a complete "whiteout",couldn't see my own hand :lol: Had a great few days that week,the most extreme snowy event i've witnessed so far
  14. earsnow

    Snow Badgers

    Not just Johnny Kingdom that gets photo's of badgers in the snow!