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  1. Done a couple videos of the storm. https://youtu.be/OLgEPGIpUqQ
  2. Surely it can't be as bad as the Boxing Day floods in December 2015 though? Just a waterlogged flowerbed and a puddle in the back garden here. Though I don't live in a flood-prone area.
  3. It has but I can still hear the wind gusts now and I have have double glazed Windows.
  4. Was going to meet up with my girlfriend today but didn't bother because of the stormy weather so just had a lazy Sunday at home. Here's a weather time-lapse I did on Friday (includes moon and frost).
  5. Suns out now. Still very windy though. Clouds are whizzing by at 50 mph. 🌤🌬
  6. I’ve also got a chicken and mushroom pot noodle lying about.
  7. Yup. Sustained wind speeds of 20-25 mph and wind gusts of 45-60 mph forecast for the region by the early hours of Sunday morning.
  8. A picture/diagram of the Beaufort wind scale. Could be some structural damage tonight. 70 mph winds is classed as a hurricane in America btw. Not sure if that is average wind speed or gust speed though.
  9. I take my iPad into the bathroom at night for that reason!
  10. Been doing quite a lot of weather time-lapses recently. Check them out here:
  11. Yup, picked up here as well. No rain yet though. Latest 12Z GFS output. The centre of the storm is 945mb. Pretty impressive storm that.
  12. Please note that the amber wind warning has been upgraded to include most of the U.K. UK weather forecast Storm Ciara LIVE: Huge storm to smash UK with severe winds - updates | Weather | News | Express.co.uk WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK STORM CIARA is on course to hit the UK this weekend, with four days of Met Office weather warnings in force for wind, rain and snow. Here are the latest updates, weather maps and storm tracker...
  13. Yup. Looks like severe gales for all parts of the region tommorow, esspecially in exposed locations such as high ground and in coastal areas. Take care everyone.
  14. I did briefly mention it on Thursday if you go the previous page. Anyway, I am a bit different from a lot of people on here (referring to the forum in general, not this thread specifically). Yes, I like snow but I also love storms and this one looks to be a belter. 50 mph gusts forecast tommorow for my location according to bbc weather and probably more than that on exposed locations such as on high ground and in coastal areas. I also admit to enjoying mild weather as well, esspecially if it's sunny as well (I don't enjoy it if it's gloomy and drizzly though). I quite enjoyed last February's exceptional warmth (though for me it did feel a bit early). This week has been nice. Almost like a precursor/warm-up to Spring. Mainly dry, not too windy, had a few sunny days, more birdsong, lighter nights, nice full moon at night. Had a couple of frosts and nice crisp mornings as well. Daytime temperatures have been fairly mild between 7-9°C. February does tend to feel more like a spring month these days (with the exception of Feb 2018 which was a proper wintry month). The whole winter is getting shorter. December tends to just be an extension of Autumn now. It's not just the milder temperatures either. It's the increase in birdsong, daylight and sun strength. January was technically mild but it was also very dull, windy and wet so it didn't feel very nice a lot of the time. Whereas now it definitely feels like Spring is on the way.
  15. Yup. Gone really cold now, the temp has nosedived from about 8°C at 3 pm, now currently reading 0.8°C. Probably an air frost tonight.
  16. Can't believe it - it's been wall to wall sunshine all day, mild, light winds, high of around 8 degrees. Felt nice in the sun. Felt strange seeing that big yellow ball in the sky, not had much sun over the last few months. Saw a few magpies as well. Spring is defo on the way. Looks like were in for a stormy weekend - batten down the hatches.
  17. Snow with an air temp of +3? Looks a bit optimistic to me. Will probably just be cold rain as usual.
  18. Gone really wild here now. Temp was 10°C and Overcast at 4 pm, and feeling fairly mild, now 8°C and partly cloudy with 29 mph winds from the west according to my phone. Love a wild stormy night in Autumn/Winter.
  19. Wait! You only got 5 air frosts and 3 days of snow in winter 2009/10??? You must be joking right?
  20. This picture pretty much sums up the past week’s weather: In three words: boring, depressing and dreary. Today is exactly the same, rinse and repeat, 7c, thick cloud, going dark after 3 pm.
  21. Always seems to be the case these days that high pressure brings us foggy, drizzly, murky weather. Traditionally, it used to bring frost and nice blue clear skies and sunshine.
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