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  1. My cats have certainly been trying to keep cool in the heat, stretched out, in the shade. Just seen an advert for a really small and cheap AC unit online, that can apparently cool down the indoor temp by up to 12C. Bit late now mind, heatwave pretty much over! If only I had seen that advert a week ago!
  2. Yes, I suppose it would. The wind storms in winter would be epic though. I think the east coast has the best climate in the UK. The cold north sea stops it from getting too hot, and the hills to the west keeps alot of the thick cloud and rain at bay. Of course, it's not so great in the spring/early summer when the east coast tends to get plauged by thick fog and 13C, while the rest of the country enjoys 18-22C and sunshine.
  3. Yes, I agree, I would love a summer of just continious low 20's and sun, with the odd storm chucked in to keep things interesting. But if it's a choice between 30C and sunshine, and 15C and rain, I'll go with the 15C and rain. At least with the latter I can put my lightwight rain jacket on and be comfortable, and be comfortable indoors too, with the former, it's way too hot to do anything much indoors or outdoors and it's uncomfortable whatever you wear.
  4. I like to be comfortable though! 10-13C in winter and 19-22C in summer is perfect for me! 😎 Yes, I'm boring, I know.. I'm not a fan of endless cloud and rain either, but I'd rather deal with that than 30C heat. Sometimes I actually wish the UK was a few hundred miles further west, so we would get less heatwaves from the continent.
  5. It's still forecast to be low 20's rather than mid-upper 20's so that's cool enough for me. But dissapointing if we don't see a proper storm. Currently 21.3C, 64% humidity, sunny intervals, nice breeze, lovely day. 🌤️ Still 25C in the bedroom though, always takes a while to cool down indoors.
  6. It's been better up north though. Not baking hot apart from this week, but temps have almost consistently been 20-23C. It's been mostly dry as well.
  7. Well the heat lovers have been utterly spoilt for the last week, so they surely can't moan about a week or two of cloud, rain and cool temperatures now.. 😉 It's been glorious sunny, dry and baking hot for the last week, and a lot of people have enjoyed it... But this is the UK, not the mediterrean, and payback is just around the corner.... This weekend we say goodbye to high pressure, and say hello to our good old friend the Atlantic... 😉 🌊 Expect temperatures to be in the high teens/low twenties in most places, expect plenty of showers and longer spells of rain, heavy
  8. Probably because it's not worthwhile for most people, as most parts of the country only get around 10-15 hot days a year. As you say, with the current warming going on that will increase. Luckily I live in a detached bungalow so it never gets shroching hot, even when it's in the high 20's indoor temps never get above 26C. Yes, if we just had a summer where it was predominately dry and sunny most days with temps 18-23C by day and around 9-14C by night I wouldn't complain. Yeah, I've noticed that before, a lot of asian people just don't feel the heat as much and get cold more eas
  9. Yes more more sensible temperatures today, currently 20.5C with 67% humdity, mostly sunny, a few white clouds, a gentle breeze from the east. What's not to like? 🌤️😎 Living room cooled off to 22.5C thanks to the easterly breeze, but still 25C in the bedroom.
  10. Looking quite autumnal during first half of August. Very welcome after such a hot July.
  11. Yes I've noticed that too, and with previous hot spells, the highest temp nearly always occurs between 5 and 6 round here, whereas coastal areas tend to level off more quickly earlier in the day. Currently 27.4C, with 44% humidity. Still another hour or so of warming to go, so might scrape 28 today.
  12. Won't be happy if we don't get a storm after all this heat! Yeah, It's usually plumes that end with a thundery breakdown - I remember the plumes in July 2015, July 2016 and July 2019 all had a thundery breakdown, but in Summer 2018, after weeks and weeks of high pressure and hot sunny weather, we got very little.
  13. Amazing how different we all are. Couldn't imagine running a mile in this weather never mind 10! 😮 Sat in front of the fan in just my undies trying to keep cool! 27C here too.
  14. I had a look at my past posts on here from a year ago and MaPantz was right, my weather preferences were much more in favour of warmth, I even argued with Markyo becuase he was complaining about the upcoming hot spell... Forgot all about that! Bear in mind though that last July was exceptionally poor here though (avg max just 17C) so it was natural for me to wish for some warm weather, this July has been really warm/hot here so I'm naturally going to wish for some rain and cool weather, as there hasn't been much of it here this summer, unusally so.
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