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  1. This picture pretty much sums up the past week’s weather: In three words: boring, depressing and dreary. Today is exactly the same, rinse and repeat, 7c, thick cloud, going dark after 3 pm.
  2. Always seems to be the case these days that high pressure brings us foggy, drizzly, murky weather. Traditionally, it used to bring frost and nice blue clear skies and sunshine.
  3. Lucky. Here in East Lancashire we’re to the west of high ground so we get a lot of gloom, low cloud, mist, murk, dampness - esspecially in Winter when we get a W/SW flow like we’re in at the moment. When we get an easterly wind though, it has the opposite effect, so in Spring (our most easterly season) when the North East is covered in fog, gloom and murk, we tend to get a lot of sunny and clear weather.
  4. Yup. This has to be the most boring winter ever. It’s just been extremely cloudy, barely any snow, ice or even frost and just dull, gloomy and 5-8c most days. I remember waking up to snow one morning in December, which quickly melted, and the other week I could see a very light dusting on the top of Pendle hill. Even by our standards, that pretty poor. At least last winter we had a couple of colder weeks in January and a very spring-like February. This year though - absolutely nothing. This day (well yesterday) one year ago.
  5. Yup, it’s nearly always light drizzle whenever I’m in Manchester. What’s funny though is that the slightest hint of drizzle and people suddenly get their umbrellas out, and complain that it’s raining, even though it’s not even enough to make you wet.
  6. Not exactly gale force winds but probably the best we're gonna get in this super boring winter. Despite last years benign winter I remember we had a really violent wind storm in January. Shook the trees like crazy and you could really hear it howling. The wind was so strong it woke me up. Must've been at least 50-60 mph gusts. I would love to get winds that strong again.
  7. "So I like bought these new shoes from like Primark they are like sooooo comfy. The weather is so like crazy at the moment. It was like scorching hot last night but like this morning I like woke up and I was like sooooo cold my nipples felt like icicles and it rained like so hard I thought I was gonna die. Last night Mark did a like massive poo and it like stunk sooooo bad I like literally like threw up all over Jamie who like screamed like a little girl it was like sooooo f****** hilarious."
  8. Come on, you couldn't have missed it. Storm was last night when we had the strong winds and heavy rain. Also had it a bit wet and windy this afternoon as well.
  9. Yup, someone was saying to me on Saturday we just don't get the seasons anymore. 7-16c year round and rain.
  10. Yup, heard it lashing down on the back porch roof. Some impressive gusts as well. Got some footage of the wind here: https://youtu.be/o5WdaTpXv0Q Finally a bit of exciting weather for once! ️
  11. Welcome to the north west of England! Though to be fair there was a lot of fair weather during the first three weeks of July, and very hot during the last week. Also, late August was also pretty hot for a few days. But there was also long cool wet spells, especially mid August and early June which was absolutely diabolical, even by our standards. It was actually a warmer than average summer but it was also cloudy and wet. We had a lot of warm but cloudy days. Seems to be a common theme these days - warm wet summers, mild wet winters. ️🌧
  12. To be fair we have had a lot of windy weather last week, but nothing truly stormy. Have we even had a named storm yet this winter?
  13. Yup. It really has been horrible and gloomy since the start of October with just the odd sunny/brighter day here and there. It’s been a depressing few months weather wise, can’t remember having such a prolonged spell of endless gloom, though I remember November 2015 - January 2016 was also another very sunless period. Grimter is a good name for it, it certainly is grim! Was talking to someone else today about the weather. A lot of people are saying we just don’t get the seasons anymore. The winter is milder but also wetter and gloomier and the summers are crappier as well. Even when we have high-pressure in mid winter, it’s often gloomy and drizzly these days, whereas 10 years ago it would have been clear and frosty. It often just feels like one long damp spell these days, and often difficult to tell the time of year. The seasons seem to be all over the place – the unusual tropical warmth in February, the unseasonably cool and wet first half of June and the warm but cloudy and wet summer. We had a few days in June with maximums of 11°C and raining all day, yet in February had a few days that were mid teens and sunny. The average maximum temperature for the 2nd half of February 2019 here was 12°C, yet the first half of June 2019 was only 15°C. Just a 3 degree temperature difference between late winter and early summer, and of course bear in mind that February was mostly sunny and dry whereas June was mostly cloudy and wet. Of course what happened in 2019 was very unusual, but just goes to show how to seasons have changed. UK weather is just so depressing, uninspiring and frustrating - we rarely get snow, and not much frost - yet we have to put up with with cold, gloomy, miserable damp weather for months on end. Spring and summer is nicer - but even then we get many miserable days. We also get the occasional hot spell in summer of course, but as we are not used to it and don’t have much air-conditioning in this country, we complain it’s too hot. Of course we still get years like 2018, which was much more seasonal, with a cold start to the year, the infamous beast from the east, coldest March day on record followed by some very warm days in April and then an incredibly warm, dry and sunny period (by UK standards) from May to July 2018. Before that, we had 2013, which was also a very seasonal year, with the cold winter and severely cold and snowy March followed by a hot July and a nice August.
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