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  1. Amazing how fast the year goes these days. Summer has just flown by - it's felt like a really short summer this year - it's only really been summer from end of June until end of August this year. Whereas Summer 2018 really started in early May. Doesn't feel that long ago since last October.
  2. Getting fed up of this constant dull, grey, overcast, murky, damp weather. I know it's October but even so we usually do better than this. The weather is just so uninspiring at the moment I just don't feel like going outside. Im not asking for an Indian summer, I just want to see the sun! Also, what happened to the windy weather that we were supposed to have Friday/Saturday? It's just been so still and lifeless all weekend. At least a bit of wind would be more invigorating. Oh how I long to be by the coast where it's usually sunny and windy rather than gloomy and murky like it is round here.
  3. Yep, bit nippy first thing but by 1 pm it felt lovely and warm in the sun. I even pushed up the sleeves on my sweatshirt and even thought about taking it off. Gotta tan them arms and get my vitamin D before winter.
  4. Was a lovely day on Saturday, wall-to-wall sun and temp reached low 20's. Perfect weather in my opinion. Was sunbathing in garden in t-shirt and shorts, might be the last time this year I'm able to do that. Also I've noticed the sun no longer feels hot anymore, it has more of a gentle warmth to instead which is nice in a way as I don't like very strong sunshine. As others have said, September is a very benign month with not much going on, same for October as well. No real cold but no real heat either. Probably the two most boring months of the year weather wise. But a nice time to reflect on the summer before we start thinking about winter and the inevitable countdown to Christmas begins (groan).
  5. I woke up to torrential rain on Saturday night and thought I could hear a rumble of thunder too.
  6. First time forecaster and looks like my prediction of 14.0°C and 50 mm could be very close to what actually happens. If only we could play for money, would make things even more interesting...
  7. Nice sunny day today. Sat out in the garden for a bit, did a bit of hedge trimming and went for a short walk. Not too hot and not too cold. Shame about tomorrow's forecast though.
  8. Well after an overcast rainy day, the weathers done it’s usual thing of the sky clearing just as it’s getting dark. I’ve noticed this happening quite a lot recently. It’s cloudy all day, then the sky clears at sunset, then during the night/early morning the cloud begins to come back again. Anyone know why this happens?
  9. Finally a day that actually resembles September. A dry day with a mixture of sunshine and clouds and light winds, a cool feel to the air but feeling pleasant in the sunshine. ️ Its felt more like late October than early September this week.
  10. 5 mm?! Currently had 42 mm so far here this September according to a local weather website, been raining most of the week. Amazing how much difference the Pennines make. Also been very cool, very cloudy and quite windy this week with only 17 hours of sun so far. http://www.higham-weather.com/ I've just had a look on your weather website and it says it's 21.9° and 37% humidity in your house. Is that true? How come it's so warm and dry? Have you got the heating on? I'd love that temp/humid combo in my house but instead it's chilly and damp - much like the climate of East Lancs. It's currently 17.5° with 68% humidity in my bedroom - was above 70% before I opened the window. Been wearing a thick hoodie all week. Also that 13.8°C? Is that the average daytime temperature or just the average overall?
  11. Sadly the wet climate no longer has any use. It's just a nuisance now and a misery.
  12. Yeah I can't even manage temps in the mid teens at the moment. And never mind light showers they were quite heavy here.
  13. Whereas here it's turning into a swamp! Lashing rain, howling wind, blustery showers! 🌧🌦 Top lawn is really long but I can't cut it because it just won't dry out fast enough!
  14. Well Summer 2019 might be over but on the bright side, it's less than 9 months until next summer! Seems a long way off but it will be here before we know it.
  15. Wet and windy again. 🌧 What's going on??? Isnt the sun supposed to come out now the kids have gone back to school?
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